Amateur Radio from the New Zealand Subantarctic Islands, ex Auckland & Campbell

Continent: Oceania - Grid: 50.43S, 166.6 (Auckland) 52.32S, 169.9O (Campbell) RD38 - Zones: WAZ 32, ITU 60 - Allocations: ZL4, ZL9, ZLx/A 8 - IOTA OC-074 (Auckland), OC-037 (Campbell, ex OC-263)

Area and History

Area and History  Auckland Island (maori: Motu Maha) is the main island of the Auckland Islands, an uninhabited archipelago in the south Pacific Ocean belonging to New Zealand. It is inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage list . The island has an approximate land area of 510 square kilometres (200 sq mi), and is 42 kilometres (26 mi) long. It is notable for its steep cliffs and rugged terrain, which rises to over 600 m (1,969 ft). Prominent peaks include Cavern Peak (650 m/2,133 ft), Mount Raynal (635 m/2,083 ft), Mount D'Urville (630 m/2,067 ft), Mount Easton (610 m/2,001 ft), and the Tower of Babel (550 m/1,804 ft). The southern end of the island broadens to a width of 26 km (16 mi). Here, a narrow channel known as Carnley Harbour (on some maps the Adams Straits) separates the main island from the smaller Adams Island . The channel is the remains of the crater of an extinct volcano, Adams Island and the southern part of the main island form the crater rim. 3 km (1.9 mi) north of Carnley Harbour's mouth lies Cape Lovitt, the westernmost point of New Zealand.
Campbell Island (maori: Motu Ihupuku) is a remote, uninhabited, subantarctic island of New Zealand and the main island of the Campbell Island group. It covers 112.68 square kilometres (43.51 sq mi) of the group's 113.31 square kilometres (43.75 sq mi), and is surrounded by numerous stacks, rocks and islets like Dent Island, Folly Island (or Folly Islands), Isle de Jeanette Marie, and Jacquemart Island, the latter being the southernmost extremity of New Zealand. The Island is mountainous, rising to over 500 metres (1,640 ft) in the south. A long fjord, Perseverance Harbour, nearly bisects it, opening out to sea on the east coast. Campbell Island is inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

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QSL Gallery

List of operations


zoomTentative - any additions and corrections are welcome (Thanks, Juni, JH4RHF!)
List at Clublog Helpdesk: linkext. Link

??/1960 Auckland? ZL4LR/A NN  
05/1962 Campbell ZL4JF Ian P. Johnson Research Station
01/1963 Campbell ZL4OG W. I. (Bill) Groenestein Research Station
04/1963 Campbell ZL4JF John Washer Research Station
09/1964 Campbell ZL4JF W. Cousins Research Station
03; 07; 08/1966 Campbell ZL4CH P. A. Hughes Research Station
1970-71 Campbell ZL4OL/A Lindsay G. Barker Research Station
09/1971 Campbell ZL4JF/A Bruce Research Station, via ZL2AUF
1971?-1982 Campbell´ ZL4OY/A Chris Hannagan, now ZL2DX Research Station, via ZL1BDQ
??/19/? Auckland ZL4OY/A Chris Hannagan, now ZL2DX ??
03; 05; 06/1978 Campbell ZL4LR/A Ray Brown, ZL3FE Cad. Mot, viaN4NX & ZL4NH
1978-1980 Campbell ZL2BCF/A Dough H. Pratt Research Station, via ZL2HE
1981/82 Campbell ZL4LR/A NN ??
09/1983 Campbell ZL3HI/A John Holtum via ZL2QW
02/1988 Auckland ZL9AMO, ZL9BQD, ZL0AFZ/9 Ron Wright, ZL1AMO; R. J. Runicman, ZL1BQD; Wayne A. Mills, N7NG  
01/1990 Auckland ZL9TPY John Holtum via ZL2QW
03/1991 Auckland ZL9DX Rick Stephen Hill, ZL1OK (now VK6XT); ZL1AVC; Jun Tanaka, JH4RHF via JH4RHF
03/1991 Auckland ZL9YL JR4DUW via JH4RHF
03/1991 Auckland ZL9TPY Kerry W. Mundell, ZL2TPY via ZL2TPY
??/1991 Campbell W6ZH/ZL9 Robert H. Brigham, W6ZH  
02/1995 Auckland ZL9GD G.L. Dawson, ZL4MV 12/1995 disallowed by DXCC desk as he operated from a ship
02/1996 Auckland ZL9GD G.L. Dawson, ZL4MV Some contacts, valid by DXCC desk, as he this time operated from the shore
04/1997 Auckland K8VIR/ZL9 Ed Hartz, K8VIR Hooker’s Sea Lion Research Team, via K8VIR
04/1997 Auckland ZL9DX Ed Hartz, K8VIR Hooker’s Sea Lion Research Team, via K8VIR
06-26.01/1999 Campbell ZL9CI Ken Holdom, ZL2HU; Lee Jennings, ZL2AL; Jason Christensen, ZL2URN; Murray Woodfield, ZL1CN; Wilbert Knol, ZL2BSJ; James Brooks, 9V1YC; Trey Garlough, N5KO; Jun Tanaka, JH4RHF, Brian Biggings, VE3XA; Declan Craig, EI6FR; Andrew Williamson, GI0NWG via ZL4HU - Expedition homepage: linkext. Link
26.11.2005 Campbell W5VTS/ZL9 Richard, W5VTS valid for DXCC?
12.09.2002; 10.09.2006 Campbell ZL9BSJ/P Wilbert Knol, ZL9BSJ 133 contacts - Expedition homepage: linkext. Link
30.11.-09.12.2012 Campbell ZL9HR John Plenderleith, 9M6XRO; Istvan Gaspar, HA5AO; David K. Lloyd K3EL; Gene A. Spinelli, K5GS; Thomas G. Petri, KE4KY; Donald Studney , VE7DS; Tommy Horozakis, VK2IR; Ioannis (John) Chalkiarakis, VK3YP; Leslie P. Kalmus, W2LK; Jacky Calvo, ZL3CW via The Hellenic Amateur Radio Association of Australia (HARAOA) - Expedition homepage: linkext. Link

ZL4JF Campbell Research Station

ZL4JF Campbell Research StationzoomIan Johnson ZL1ABZ, formally ZL4JF from Campbell Island, operating from The Kermadec Islands from 1962 - 1964. Equipment was a Collins "S" Line and Hy-Gain antenna (Photo: cover of "THE DXERS MAGAZINE" by Gus Browning, Issue 67, March 27, 1968)


March 1991

Rick Hill, ZL1OK (now VK6XT); Ted, ZL1AVC; Jun Tanaka, JH4RHF (KH2S, now OE1ZKC); Kerry, ZL2TPY – YL Kumiko, JR4DUW


1: Loading the equipment; 2: All on board; 3: Auckland landmark; 4: The team; 5: Jun and Kumiko; 6: The 6m hut; 7: Cover '59' 06/1991; 8: Cover 'Break In' 09/1991; 9: The "Treadwind" - Photos 1, 2, 5, 6, 9: Rick Hill, VK6XT - © Courtesy ZL9DX/ZL9YL


April 1997


ZL9CI - "The big one"

6.-26. January, 1999

ZL9CI - 'The big one'zoomTeam: Ken Holdom, ZL2HU (Team Leader); Lee Jennings, ZL2AL; Brian Biggings, VE3XA; Declan Craig, EI6FR; Wilbert Knol, ZL2BSJ; Jun Tanaka, JH4RHF; Andrew Williamson, GI0NWG; Jason Christensen, ZL2URN; James Brooks, 9V1YC; Murray Woodfield, ZL1CN; Trey Garlough, N5KO – 96.004 contacts. - Homepage: linkext. Link - For details see the complete set of bulletins.

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Download [1.7 MB]ZL9CI Article in: CQ January 1999 [PDF , 1.7 MB]
Download [1.9 MB]ZL9CI Article in: QST July 1999 [PDF , 1.9 MB]

Pictures (C ZL9CI): 1. - Expedition Logo. 2. - The team and the "Braveheart" - 3. First ceremonial qso - 4. The three CW posts - 5. Pilot stations communicated between the team and the DX community - © Courtesy ZL9CI

ZL9HR - Campbell

30 November-09 December 2012


ZL9HR - CampbellExpedition Homepage: linkext. Link - Team: 9M6XRO, HA5AO, K3EL, K5GS, KE4KY, VE7DS, VK2IR, VK3YP, W2LK and ZL3CW

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