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Lage und Geschichte

Kontinent: Afrika - Lage: 11.35S 47.17O LH38PK - Zonen: ITU 53 WAZ 39 - Zuweisung: FR/G - IOTA AF-011

Lage und GeschichtezoomDie Îles Glorieuses (kurz auch les Glorieuses; deutsch etwa „ruhmvolle Inseln“) sind eine unbewohnte tropische Inselgruppe mit einer Gesamtfläche von 4,3 km² im Indischen Ozean, 160km nordwestlich von Madagaskar. Die Inseln wurden 1880 von dem Franzosen Hippolyte Caltaux benannt. Seit 1892 gehören die Inseln zu Frankreich. 1914 bis 1958 wurden die Plantagen von Firmen auf den Seschellen betrieben. Heute ist die Inselgruppe ein Naturreservat. Wie die übrigen Îles éparses werden die Îles Glorieuses seit 2005 vom Präfekten der französischen Süd- und Antarktisgebiete verwaltet. Davor waren sie seit 1960 vom Präfekten des Überseedépartements Réunion verwaltet worden, ohne selbst zu Réunion zu gehören. Seit der Unabhängigkeit Madagaskars 1960 werden die Inseln auch von dieser ehemaligen französischen Kolonie beansprucht. Auch die Seschellen und die Komoren erheben Ansprüche. Bedeutung haben die Inseln vor allem wegen der großen ausschließlichen Wirtschaftszone von 48.350 km².

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3 Fotos u.r. © Jaques Quillet, FR5ZU - Homepage: linkext. Link

FT5GA - September 2009

FT5GA - September 2009zoomExpeditions-Homepage: linkext. Link - Die Teilnehmer der Aktivierung sind nicht bereit, den Medien über diese Operation weitere Auskünfte zu erteilen.

Baldur Drobnica, DJ6SI, hat drei Glorioso-DXpeditionen durchgeführt - hier ist sein Bericht:

Download [2.5 MB]Interview, Baldur Drobnica, DJ6SI (24. August 2009) [10:45] [MP3 , 2.5 MB]
Download [1.1 MB]FT5GA - 22.09.2009 - 18.135 - SSB [MP3 , 1.1 MB]
Download [652.9 KB]FT5GA - 26.09.2009 - 24.945 - SSB [MP3 , 652.9 KB]

FT5GA Bulletins

Winding up - 7. October
AFT5GA has shut down the transmissions after 23 days of non stop traffic. Some little problems appeared but it wast the most time because of the remote location of the Islands, and the Islands status regarding the Sovereignty upon them and the French laws and administrative rules.
I do want to thank all of you, for the heavy and hard work you did, to make the traffic from our friends on Glorioso as easy as possible. Of course some are disappointed, other are frustrated; We heard also, you and I, idiots, but with 50,000 QSO's counted, I think, decently, that, instead of the conditions, we have reached our goal. These islands never in the past, were put on the air as they have been in September/October 2009. I thank for this operation the back office team composed of the pilots, throughout the World, Rafik, F5CQ, our Webmaster, who received an impressive number of mails and who kept the course; So was also Maurice, F5NQL who did read and treat a huge number of messages. - We would thank particularly, the Provins F6KOP ARC, Thierry F4TTR and Frank F4AJQ who never posed any question and provided us an inestimable help. Thanks to the French Army which Hosted, Carried and helped the crew.
These five years were very thrilling, to give to a lot of you, this 4th most wanted country, even if it was not always easy to win this challenge. We had to negotiate with a lot of Authorities to, finally , be able to propose this activity. This expedition was very instructive. The world ham community got into the habit to see DXpeditions very expansive, with 25 operators and more and tons of gear carried to the camps. It was not possible on Gloriosos, and we know also, that numerous "hams" don't give a damn, about the difficulties we came up against. Without your help, the crew on Gloriosos and I, would never be able do make this expedition possible. If Gloriosos 2009, as I expect, is acknowledge by the International Ham Community, your action would have been for a big part in. We have, all together, founded an International very dynamic team, with hams responsible, clever and reliable.
Now a lot of work has to be done. With Florence, our columnist, we have to write the articles for the world, to prepare the videos and to fit the film made with the main subject on this DXpedition. Didier, F5OGL and XYL Caroline who collects the post stamps, have also days and days to work with QSLing.
Gloriosos is quite finished, we are working on new projects to new rare countries. - Thank again to all of you.
73's de Didier, F5OGL - Gloriosos 2009 team leader

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Amateurfunk von Glorioso

Provisorische Liste


03/63 FR7ZC/G Gus Browning, W4PBD, Chuck W4PRP    
07/66 CR7GF/FR7G José Guerra Facada, CR7GF (ex CT2GF, CR3GF, FH8GF)    
11/66 FR7ZP Don Miller, W9WNV    
09/67 FR7ZD/G Guy    
12/67 FR7ZQ Henry Namtameco    
11/68 FR7ZR/G Jean-Pierre Viode    
09-10/70 FR7ZU Jaques Quillet 2 trips  
10/71 FR7ZQ/G      
09/74 FR7AE/G Roger Avgugliaro    
11/75 FR7ZL/G Guy P. de la Rhodière    
01/76 FR7ZL/G Guy P. de la Rhodière QSL green stipes  
04/80 FR0ACB FR0ACC FR0RX Anne DF3KX, Baldur DJ6SI, Gero DJ3NG, Hans DK9KX, Wilfried DJ5RT    
09/80 FR0DZ/G, FR0RX/G, FR0CIW/G Wilfried DJ5RT, Baldur DJ6SI, Regine DJ7YQ, Butz DL6PE, Harry DL8CM, Paul F6EXV    
09/80 FR0EUT/G. FR0DZ/G, FR0RX/G      
03-04/81 FR7AI/G Yoland (ex FR7AH)    
04/81 FR7AI/G Yoland (ex FR7AH) 2nd trip  
09/82 FR0GGL/G Jan Niel (ex FK8CJ)    
06-10/82 FR0GGL/G Jan Niel (ex FK8CJ)    
12/86-01/87 FR/G/FH4ED Gérard Magnuszewski    
02/87 FR/G/FH4EC Daniel Muller    
03-04/87 FR/G/FH4ED Gérard Magnuszewski 2 trips  
10-11/87 FR/G/FH4EC Daniel Muller    
05/89 FR5AI/G Yoland (ex FR7AH)    
12/89 FR7AI/G Yoland (ex FR7AH)    
Xx/91 FR5ZU/G Jaques Quillet    
05/92 FR/DJ6SI Baldur Drobnica No DXCC  
05/92 FR/DG4FCD Bernd DG4FCD, Frank DJ3OS No DXCC  
05/92 FR/DJ8CR Willi Nietmann No DXCC  
09/92 FR5ZU/G Jaques Quillet    
04/94 FR5ZU/G Jaques Quillet    
12/94 FR5ZQ Henri Namtameco II QSL  
07/96 FRG/FH5AM Manuel    
10/98 FR5ZU/G Jaques Quillet    
05/99 FR5ZQ Henri Namtameco Checkbox QSL  
05-06/00 FR5ZQ Henri Namtameco    

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