Amateurfunk aus der Demokratischen Republik Korea

2002 May 2002
Greetings from Edisher Giorgadze, P5/4L4FN, Pyongyang, North Korea. I have now returned to North Korea after my short recreation trip to other parts of Asia. During my stop-over in Beijing, PRC I was delighted to collect another item to my radio station which may help me to bring my signals to those parts of the world that are more difficult to reach from North Korea. This is an Ameritron AL80A amplifier that was donated to me by Martti Laine, OH2BH, Bernie McClenny, W3UR and Al Baker, W5IZ whom I thank very kindly. I am also very thankful for Jari, OH2BVE and his staff at the Nokia office in Beijing who made a special effort to clear the unit through complicated custom procedures in China. I'd put the amp on last night for the first time with Dave, K4SSU and while my 100W signal was S5 to 6, turning the amp on made Dave to copy me 10dbs over S9. So the unit works well and generates lot more RF power from the skylines of Pyongyang. Following the fact that I am now fully accredited by the ARRL, a full-color QSLs were released as of last week by my hard working QSL manager, Bruce,KK5DO. Furthermore, I have extended my contract in North Korea until June, 2003 thus these are the best news can produce to the DX community. Now I am ready for more P5 QSOs, Are you? And the motto here remains - DX Is! Edisher, P5/4L4FN

2002 May 27
Ed was tuning around on 6m (50MHz) today and he heard a Japanese station calling CQ on 50.203 so he tried a contact. Well, what do you know. That Butternut antenna worked. The first ever 6M QSO was with JJ2GAZ at 0604Z on May 26. Ed made some 100 QSO's on 50MHz, a world's first.

2002 July 15
Ed has not been on the air much in the past few weeks. He has been very busy. He does have the Hex Beam with the rotor and it has improved his signal about 3db. However, the linear has stopped working. He is going to try and fix it in the next few days. If parts are needed, that will take 6 weeks to get them to him. For now, he can only operate with 100 watts.

2002 September 01
There have been reports that Ed is operating CW. Sorry, not Ed. He still has to repair his antennas. Ed's co-worker that had been helping him has left the country permanently for another assignment. So this has increased Ed's work duties and limited his radio activity to only weekends. 2002 August 27 Ed is back in North Korea and has all the stuff I sent him several weeks ago. He will be repairing his Hex beam in the next few weeks and then raise the new mast. The Dacron rope sent for use as guys should help reduce any stray rf. Testing of the satellite equipment should also take place in the next few weeks. Ed will get back on the air towards the middle of September.

2002 September 14
Ed got the Hex Beam mounted atop the new mast with the rotor today. He reports a 3-4db difference comparying to the vertical.

2002 September 21
Ed tested the Hex Beam on 10m Friday. Had very good results. Today, he should be on 21.225 MHz listening up. 2002 September 18 Just posted a few more pictures of Ed's apartment building and the antennas as weel as several antenna shots from the other day.

2002 November 2
Ed was back on 15m today. 21.225 MHz listening up 10-20 2002 October 21 Just talked with Ed. He has had the flu for the past 5 days. Not feeling very good. Too sore and tired to operate. 2002 October 16 Ed is back in North Korea now. It will take him a few days to get settled again before he gets on the air. 2002 October 03 I was just informed by Ed that his propagation on 10m is just about nil. So the scheduled Kids Day with North Korea for October 5 will have to be postponed. Sorry about that, I know a lot of kids were looking forward to it. We will reschedule this event towards the end of October or beginning of November. Ed will be out of the country from October 8 through October 15.

2002 November 16
I have just finished processing all the QSL requests that were waiting for me after my trip to Ft Worth. All cards received as of 2002 November 16 are done and in the mail. 2002 November 11 I am back from the AMSAT Symposium and while I was gone, Ed had an interesting QSO. His very first QSO on 2001 November 9 was with KA6SAR. On 2002 November 9, Ed ran across Mike again on a different band.

2002 November 17
Starting Monday, November 18, Ed will be very busy at work. He is going to be installing a new VSAT antenna. This means he will have to go to work earlier and be going home later. The antenna is a 9m dish and will be 15m off the ground. The installation should take him around 10 days. However, when completed, comes the tuning. There are 4 data (256k) channels and 12 voice channels for PABX. One great benefit is Ed's internet connection will be 100% high speed. He will have the connection at the office and he will be the only one to have a connection at his apartment. Then, on December 10, he will leave for China for his one week R&R. After having the flu last month, he is happy for this break and it cannot come to soon. Because of this, his operating schedule will be very slim if none. He was able to test the WARC bands the other day (12m and 17m) and made three CW QSO's. Possibly when he comes back there could be more CW.

2002 November 23 -- Press Release for Immediate Distribution

I just received word from Ed, P5/4L4FN that the unfortunate and worst possible thing has just happened. Friday evening, 2002 November 22, Ed was called into a meeting with the "Radio Regulation Board" without any explanation, he was politely asked to quit all transmissions and pack all his radio equipment. Saturday, he spent all day on the roof disassemblying his antennas and packing boxes. At 2:30pm on of the government officials came by, sealed all the boxes and when he leaves on December 10 for his two weeks R&R he is to take everything with him out of the country. This really hits the ham communtity hard. I for one was looking forward to a satellite contact on AO-40. I know that many of you were still awaiting your first QSO. Ed will keep all the equipment for his next duty station.

2002 November 25 -- From Ed today
Dear all, Yes, real unfortunate thing happened but, this is the case where and when - I can do nothing. Believe me, I was trying to keep up the P5 as long as possible and I've managed to run it a little bit more than one year but, the end came unexpectedly and now we all have to accept it as final QRT of P5/4L4FN operation. I'm absolutely sure that there is no way back to it due to several reasons, including recent changes in political life of N. Korea. I've been just lucky to have such a chance and happy to make at least small part of HAM community as a owners of P5/4L4FN qsl card. But, lets keep it in mind that life moves further, things are changing, sometimes dramatically and may be some years after, another P5 card will see the world. Of course I'm going to keep my rig with me wherever I go and be in touch. For the 'final', many thanks to all HAM's worldwide, you all made my life much easier and better, and my deepest appreciation for all your support. I wish you all - best of luck in our hobby and have a good 'hunting'! wy best 73, remain with hope to meet you on a band sometime later, from some other GOOD spot!
de Ed ex. P5/4L4FN

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