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British Old Time Radio - Comedy - The Clitheroe Kid


botr_kidzoomThe Clitheroe Kid was a radio comedy show presented by the BBC. The diminutive Northern Comedian Jimmy Clitheroe played the main role, a cheeky schoolboy, who lived with his family at 33 Lilac Avenue in an unnamed town in the North of England. 290 episodes in all were broadcast between April 1957 and 13 August 1972. The Show was written by James Casey and Frank Roscoe, James Casey was the producer as well. – Link: secure linkext. Link
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Datei/ Datum # Audio Files Dauer
1971-06-13 15/11 Licked By A Stamp  
1972-05-21 16/1 My Great Aunt's Great  
1972-06-25 16/6 The Romantic Higginbottoms  
1972-07-16 16/9 A Far, Far Better School I Go To  

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