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British Old Time Radio - Detective - A Case for Dr Morelle


botr_morellezoomIn 1957 a thirteen-week comedy-detective drama called A Case for Dr. Morelle was produced, starring Film actor Cecil Parker as Dr. Morelle and Sheila Sim as Miss Frayle, his assistant. The programme was an instant hit. The original idea based from a popular series in the 1940s called Monday Night At 8 broadcast over the BBC during World War II. The aloof and imperious criminologist Dr. Morelle first appeared in the third season and soon all segments featuring his character were called Meet Dr. Morelle. – Link: secure linkext. Link
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Datei/ Datum # Audio Files Dauer
1957-04-23 1/1 Alarm Call  
1957-04-30 1/2 Confession of Guilt  
1957-05-07 1/3 Threat to Kill  
1957-05-14 1/4 The Sleepwalker  
1957-05-21 1/5 The Blackmailer  
1957-05-28 1/6 Voice in the Night  
1957-06-04 1/7 The Will  
1957-06-11 1/8 Act of Violence  
1957-06-18 1/9 The Black Ruby  
1957-06-25 1/10 The Wedding Dress  
1957-07-02 1/11 The Gambler  
1957-07-09 1/12 The Poisoned Air  
1957-07-16 1/13 Mr X  

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