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.mp3 Date Series Episode Dur.
botr_01   House Detective Becker A Single Green Feather - A Canadian series in "Mystery Project" drama.  
botr_02   House Detective Becker Friend From Chicago  
botr_04   House Detective Becker Pearl  
botr_05   House Detective Becker An Expensive Bottle Of Poison  
botr_06   House Detective Becker Wicked World Of Mary Hunter  
botr_07   Secrets Of Scottland Yard General Charles Leward – This weekly series ran from 1949 to 1951 and was hosted by Clive Brook, narrator of LM Radio, a successful director writer, and actor in many films  
botr_08   Secrets Of Scottland Yard Buckets of Blood  
botr_09   Secrets Of Scottland Yard Counterfeiter  
botr_10   Secrets Of Scottland Yard Hunted Hunter  
botr_11   Secrets Of Scotland Yard Jack the Riper (Ripper?)  
botr_12   Secrets Of Scotland Yard Kindly Doctor  
botr_13   Secrets Of Scotland Yard Green Eyed Monster  
botr_14   Secrets of Scotland Yard Theft of British Crown Jewels  
botr_15 1945 Father Brown- The Absence of Mr. Glass - Father Brown is a short, stumpy Catholic priest, "formerly of Cobhole in Essex, and now working in London," with shapeless clothes and a large umbrella, but an uncanny insight into human evil. Father Brown is a fictional detective created by English novelist G. K. Chesterton, who stars in 48 short stories, later compiled in five books. Chesterton based the character on Father John O'Connor (1870 - 1952), a parish priest in Bradford, Yorkshire, who was involved in Chesterton's conversion to Catholicism in 1922.  
botr_16   Dr. Gideon Fell Below Suspicion - Doctor Gideon Fell is a fictional detective created by John Dickson Carr. He is the protagonist of 23 novels from 1933 through 1967 as well as a few short stories. Carr was an American who lived most of his adult life in England; Dr. Fell is an Englishman who lives in the London suburbs. He is described as a huge, moustached, corpulent man who wears a cape and a shovel hat and walks with the aid of two canes. He is frequently described as bringing the spirit of Father Christmas or Old King Cole into a room. In his early appearances he was called a lexicographer but this description gradually disappeared and he was thereafter mostly referred to as working on a monumental history of the beer-drinking habits of the English people. He is, of course, an amateur sleuth, frequently called upon by the police, who then frustrates them in the usual manner of most fictional detectives by refusing to reveal his deductions until he has arrived at a complete solution to the problem. Most of his exploits concern the unraveling of locked room mysterys or of "impossible crimes." Doctor Fell is supposedly based upon a real person -- G.K. Chesterton, who, like Carr, was a master of detective fiction (the Father Brown stories), and whose physical appearance and personality were apparently similar to those of Doctor Fell.  
botr_17   Dr. Gideon Fell Black Spectacles  
botr_18   Dr. Gideon Fell The Hollow Man Part 1  
botr_19   Dr. Gideon Fell The Hollow Man Part 2  
botr_20   Famous Trials Death On The Crumbles  
botr_21   Famous Trials The new Castle  
botr_22   Dr. Gideon Fell Mad Hatter Mystery  
botr_23   Take It From Here Horse Racing  
botr_24 08.05.49 Take It From Here Robin Hood  
botr_25 24.10.50 Take It From Here Jimmy joins the BBC  
botr_26   Lord Peter Wimsey Clouds of Witness Part 1 - 8The finance of Peter’s sister is murdered and their brother the Duke is suspected. The Lord Peter Wimsey series consists of novels and short stories. Lord Peter served as a major in World War I, and Sergeant Mervyn Bunter has become his "gentleman’s gentleman" and collaborator in crime solving, one of Lord Peter’s hobbies. They generally live in London. Lord Peter is described as 5’9", not conventionally good looking, with a long narrow face, a long narrow chin, receding forehead, tow-haired and grey eyed, with long square, muscular fingers. He is a bon-vivant with an impeccable wine cellar, an elegantly dressed man-about-town noted for his wit, a scholarly collector of rare books, a keyboard musician and athlete. He is very fond of quoting scraps of poetry. He often works with police officer Charles Parker. His foe among the police is Inspector Suggs. When the series begins, Lord Peter is already established as an investigator with several successful cases behind him.  
botr_27   Lord Peter Wimsey Clouds of Witness Part 2  
botr_28   Lord Peter Wimsey Clouds of Witness Part 3  
botr_29   Lord Peter Wimsey Clouds of Witness Part 4  
botr_30   Lord Peter Wimsey Clouds of Witness Part 5  
botr_31   Lord Peter Wimsey Clouds of Witness Part 6  
botr_32   Lord Peter Wimsey Clouds of Witness Part 7  
botr_33   Lord Peter Wimsey Clouds of Witness Part 8  
botr_34   Father Brown The Blue Cross - Father Brown is a fictional detective created by English novelist G.K.Ghesterton who stars in 52 short stories, later compiled in five books.  
botr_35   Steptoe & Son The Offer - Steptoe and Son is a British sitcom written by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson about two rag and bone men living in Oil Drum Lane, a fictional street in Shepherd's Bush, London  
botr_36   Beyond Our Ken Lover Come Back To Me -- Beyond Our Ken (1958-1964) was a radio programme, the predecessor to Round the Horne (1965-1968). Both programmes starred Kenneth Horne, Kenneth Williams, Hugh Paddick, Betty Marsden and Bill Pertwee, with announcer Douglas Smith. The name is a pun on Kenneth Horne's name and the (now mainly Scots / Scottish English) word ken, meaning 'knowledge or perception'  
botr_37   All Gas & Gaitors Only Three Can Play - All Gas and Gaiters was set in St Oggs Cathedral, and the rivalries amongst the clerygmen in it. The Bishop was easygoing, the Archdeacon was elderly and tippling and the Rev. Noote was naïve and accident prone. Their wish to live a quiet life was ruined by the Dean, who tried to bring rule by the book to the Cathedral.  
botr_38   The Navy Lark Sending the Bill to Buckingham Palace The Navy Lark was an affectionate spoof on the Senior Service from 1959 to 1977, making it one of the longest running comedy shows ever. All the antics took place aboard HMS Troughtbridge and the crew consisted of the Number One, in the first series played by Dennis Price, repöaced by Stephen Murray after the first series. Leslie Phillips was the Sub-Lieutenant, a silly-ass whose cry of "Left hand down a bit" meant impending doom for whichever port they were docking in, or whatever vessel was nearby, and Petty Officer Pertwee, played by Jon Pertwee.-  
botr_39   Afternoon Playhouse A Fairy Lost in 21st Century  
botr_40   Scotland Yard Absent Minded Professor  
botr_41   Ghost Stories Murder By Degrees  
botr_42     Attack  
botr_43     Christmas Carol  
botr_44   Take it from Here Jekyl and Hyde Sketch  
botr_45   Amazing Test Match Crime Part 1  
botr_46   Amazing Test Match Crime Part 2  
botr_47   The Navy Lark The Lock Ness Monster  
botr_48   Beyond Midnight Let Me See Your Face  
botr_49   Beyond Midnight Something On His Mind  
botr_50     Charlie Muffin Part 1  
botr_51     Charlie Muffin Part 2  
botr_52   Dr. Gideon Fell Gallows Lane Part 1  
botr_53   Dr. Gideon Fell Gallows Lane Part 2  
botr_54     Crusader Chronicles Part 1  
botr_55     Crusader Chronicles Part 2  
botr_56     Crusader Chronicles Part 3  
botr_57     Dr. Thorne Part 1  
botr_58     Dr. Thorne Part 2  
botr_59     Dr. Thorne Part 3  
botr_60     Dr. Thorne Part 4  

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