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Old Time Radio - Sci-fi & Fantasy - Chet Chetter's Tales from the Morgue


otr_chetzoomChet Chetter’s Tales from the Morgue, Fantasyserie (1989-1994). Produziert von M&J Audio Theater. Inspiriert von Serien wie X Minus One otr_minus, Lum and Abner otr_abner und Gunsmoke otr_gunsmoke werden in der Reihe 19 Kurzgeschichten präsentiert. Mark Sawyer und Jay Reel stellen in den Geschichten vom Leichenhaus zwanzig verschiedene Charaktere dar. Nach Pilotfolge The Highway of Death sendete National Public Radio (NPR) die gesamte Serie. (sl)

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chet_01 o.D. Chet Chetter's Tales From The Morgue Intro 06:15
chet_02 1989 Elmer Versus The Invaders; Hungry aliens have abducted several of Elmer's neighbors for food. Can Elmer save them? 27:45
chet_03 1989 Elmer Versus The Mutant Mole Rats; This is not a typical rodent problem. Elmer is given the task of ridding Buluxie of a plague of Mutant Mole Rats. The biggest one stands 20 feet high! Elmer uses all of his mental and physical energy to save his home town from this 20th century nuisance. 27:13
chet_04 1989 Peace To The Frifalites; The six inch high Frifalites are defenseless against the evil power of the All Mighty Master Constipator. Help for these tiny enslaved beings comes in the form of inventor Gale "Headrush" Taylor, who has constructed a crude spaceship and has arrived at the planet Frifalite. 27:43
chet_05 1989 The Highway Of Death; Chetter's favorite character, Elmer Corn, is mysteriously zapped into a dimension where the dead roam a freeway. In this strange world, Elmer must free the Zombies from the evil rule of the demon Zelvious if he is to return to his own world. 29:05
chet_06 1990 1-800-BIG BANG (Pt 1); A satellite falls from orbit and lands in the mall of Buluxie. The Sheriff learns the satellite will implode very soon. That's bad news for Elmer; he's pinned to the satellite's side! 30:05
chet_07 1990 1-800-BIG-BANG (Pt 2); The dramatic rescue has failed and the town mourns the loss of Elmer and the gang but are they really gone? 30:15
chet_08 1990 Elmer Meets Death; Elmer encourages Death to take a vacation and he does! With this, people who die start to stay alive like rotting zombies! Elmer must get Deah back to work or the world will become overpopulated with living corpses! 29:39
chet_09 1990 Escape From The Mysterious Island (Part 1) ; A mysterious Gulf storm transports Elmer, his buddy Cacil and Ms. Maddox to an island frozen in time. 29:14
chet_10 1990 Escape From The Mysterious Island (Part 2) ; Elmer and the gang find the aid of a 100 year old scientist who helps them get back to the "real" world. 29:59
chet_11 1990 The Fall And Rise Of The Master Constipator; It's tough being the ruthless leader of a galaxy. The Master Constipator is unexpectedly threatened by a small and determined band of Slime Pit workers. After being immobilized by slime, the Master must regain his self-esteem and defeat the rebellion to save his reputation of being a tyrannical android. 29:32
chet_12 1991 Elmer & The Book Of Absolute Truth; Elmer is hired to search for a book that contains the answers to all the questions mankind has ever asked. Will he ever live to read it 29:59
chet_13 1991 Excursions In Fear; As a tribute to old time radio, this program contains two short stories done in old time radio style. First, a farmer who kills his prospective buyers in order to prevent the IRS from knowing anyone is interested in his land. Second, a man who hates cars to the extreme and the cars know it! 30:06
chet_14 1991 Interface To Terror; A wimpy scientist invents a device that transfers information to the brain. His evil brother Bruno, uses the device for stealing money via credit card numbers. Through his brother, the wimpy scientist is slowly pulled into a life of deception and crime! 29:53
chet_15 1991 It Came From Video; An evil scientist has invented a machine that transforms a video image into reality. The Muck Monster is created from a Japanese "B" movie and the local Sheriff must find a way to save his town from destruction... even if it means wrestling the Muck Monster with his bare hands 30:15
chet_16 1991 Return Of The Master Constipator; The Great Creator has ordered the Master Constipator to retrieve Gale Taylor for study and dissection. Gale must outsmart both the Constipator and Creator if he is to live! 30:30
chet_17 1992 If You Can't Stand the Heat; A local weatherman runs a temperature that reaches hundreds of degrees! He can't find help to get his temperature down, and time is running out! If he gets too hot, he'll burn a hole to China! 28:42
chet_18 1992 The Bitter Pill; In the late 60's, Gale "Headrush" Taylor was gathering a massive anti-war following. The US Government saw Gale as a threat to their interests and shipped him off to Vietnam! 29:40
chet_19 1992 The Bogus Beavers Of Barnak (version 1) ; By some twist of fate and Mother Nature, aliens from the planet Barnak look just like beavers! They have arrived on Earth to observe humans but end up causing confusion and conflict between themselves and the townspeople. This is no time to leave it to beaver! This version was accepted for broadcast by NPR. 30:08
chet_20 1992 The Bogus Beavers Of Barnak (version 2) ; This version was rejected by NPR but it's worth a listen to. Version 2 has a different way of getting rid of the Bogus Beavers. Try over-the-counter "Pestaway"! 29:15
chet_21 1993 The Conquest Of The Master Constipator; The Master has discovered a new galaxy to rule over. Lord Primasludge look out because here comes the All Mighty Master Constipator to deal with! 31:04
chet_22 1994 The M & J Variety Show; This program covers a selection from the M&J Archives of skits and songs that never made it to radio. As a bonus, a new skit was created using the country hick, Elmer and the dopehead Rushhead as they review a movie. 31:31

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