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Old Time Radio Catalog - Children Kids Shows – Jonathan Thomas and His Christmas on the Moon


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o.D. xxx Jonathan Thomas Series Synopsis  
1938-11-29 01 Santa Claus Is Kidnapped By The Squeebublians; Jonathan’s father reads him a bedtime story. After he falls asleep two elves slide down a moonbeam in to Jonathan’s room. Jonathan’s teddy bear chases after them. 11:06
1938-11-30 02 Jonathan Promises To Find Santa Claus; Jonathan winds up in Old King Cole’s court and he is accused of being a spy for the Squeebubblians and in aiding in the kidnapping of Santa Clause. Jonathan is sentenced to go to the land of the Squeebubblians and bring back Santa Clause. 10:47
1938-12-01 03 Jonathan Meets Gorgonzola The Horse; The Man in the Moon agrees to help Jonathan Thomas rescue Santa Clause. They ride off on the Man in the Moon’s horse; Gorgonzola. 10:43
1938-12-02 04 In The Valley Of The Three Dwarfs; An evil witch watches Jonathan Thomas on his trek through the Valley of the Three Dwarfs. To cross a bridge guarded by the three dwarfs they must each sing a song. The Dwarfs give Jonathan Thomas a hat of invisibility to help him hide from the evil witch. 09:55
1938-12-03 05 The Merry-Go-Round River; The evil witch catches up with the party but she cannot see Jonathan Thomas; who is hidden by a magic hat. The Man in the Moon gets rid of the witch by tweaking her nose. The Three Dwarfs are so happy that the witch is gone that they give Jonathan’s party a magic word to help them on their way. Jonathan Thomas uses the word to cross the Merry-Go-Round river. 11:10
1938-12-04 06 The Fairy Queen; When Jonathan Thomas speaks the magic words given to him by the dwarfs the Fairy Queen arrives. She helps them cross the river and also tells them how they can get past the dragon. 11:08
1938-12-05 07 Dragon With The Thirteen Tails; Jonathan Thomas helps a quaking aspen and in return gets directions to the pepper tree. Our group of travelers use the pepper to get away from the Dragon with the Thirteen Tails. 10:26
1938-12-06 08 Whiskery Bill The Squirrel; Jonathan Thomas and his troop meet a grumpy squirrel named Whiskery Bill. 11:03
1938-12-07 09 Jonathan Has Fallen Under The Witch's Spell; Jonathan Thomas falls asleep under the spell of the wicked witch after falling off of Gorgonzola. Whiskery Bill heads off to find the red, red rose; which will wake Jonathan Thomas. 10:37
1938-12-08 10 Jonathan In The Witch's Dream Cave; Jonathan visits the witch’s cave in a dream; while asleep in the forest. Whiskery Bill seeks the red, red rose to awaken him. He finds a rose bush but needs to go to the Keeper of the Rainbow in order to obtain the red for the rose. 11:23
1938-12-09 11 Whiskery Bill Meets The Walrus; Jonathan Thomas and the witch watch Whiskery Bill through her brew. Whiskery Bill meets a walrus named Algae. The walrus joins the squirrel in order to help protect him from the Jabberwocky. 11:09
1938-12-10 12 Getting Rubies At The Rainbow Bridge; Whiskery Bill and Algae, the Walrus, make it to the Rainbow Bridge. The keeper of the rainbow bridge refuse to give Whiskery Bill any red rubies. The squirrel and the walrus break off some rubies off of the rainbow bridge and are cased by the rainbow police. 11:19
1938-12-11 13 Crossing The Frozen River; Whiskery Bill and Algae escape the rainbow police and make it back to the rose bush with the rubies. The rose bush produces a red, red rose for the squirrel. The witch of Rumplestitch finds out that Whiskery Bill has the rose. Whiskery Bill and Algae fall through the ice while trying to cross a frozen river. 11:04
1938-12-12 14 Jonathan Wakes Up From The Witch's Spell; Algae rescues Whiskery Bill from the frozen river. Whiskery Bill makes it back to Jonathan Thomas with the rose. Jonathan Thomas wakes up. 11:03
1938-12-13 15 O'Gigraf The Lion; Jonathan Thomas and his companions meet Tiddle and LeWink on their way to rescue Santa Clause. Jonathan Thomas accidentally wakes up the lion and The Man in the Moon comes up with a name for him. 11:20
1938-12-14 16 Saving The Elf King; Jonathan Thomas and the Man in the Moon have dinner with O’Gigraf the lion. The lion also gives them some of his roars to scare away the evil witch. Jonathan Thomas meets the Elf King and save him from the evil witch. In return the Elf King promises the travelers anything that they want. 11:22
1938-12-15 17 The Wall Of Doors; The Elf King gives Jonathan Thomas a key to open the correct door in the wall of doors. 11:26
1938-12-16 18 In The Kingdom Of Alice; Jonathan, The Man in the Moon and Gorgonzola find themselves in Looking Glass Land after entering one of the doors in the wall of doors. After going through they meet Me, Myself and I who tell them to visit the Queen Alice. 11:51
1938-12-17 19 Queen Alice's Ball; Jonathan Thomas and the Man in the Moon meet the Mad Hatter and Queen Alice’s palace. Jonathan Thomas has an audience with the queen. 11:20
1938-12-18 20 King Squeebubbly And Santa Claus; Santa Clause pleads with King Squeebubbly for his release. Queen Alice gives Jonathan Thomas a magic whistle that makes him grow as tall as a giant. 11:30
1938-12-19 21 Jonathan Grows Large And Small; Jonathan Thomas and the Man in the Moon leave Queen Alice’s palace to continue their quest to save Santa Clause. The evil witch continues to watch them from afar. 11:24
1938-12-20 22 Kirmit The Hermit; The witch conspires to capture Jonathan Thomas by disguising herself as a tree and making him forget his quest when he stops underneath her. Kirmit the Hermit warns Jonathan Thomas and the Man in the Moon about the tree. He then tells Jonathan Thomas how to break the spell of the witch. 11:58
1938-12-21 23 The Dragon With The Thirteen Tails Again; Jonathan Thomas, the Man in the Moon and Gorgonzola pass too close to the dragon’s cave and are chased once again by the Dragon with Thirteen Tails. They find safety at the house of Mr. Dinty. Mr. Dinty helps Jonathan Thomas defeat the dragon. 11:40
1938-12-22 24 Captured By The Squeebubblians; The evil witch warns the king of the Squeebubbly that Jonathan Thomas and his companions are on their way to rescue Santa Clause. The kind of the Squeebubblians offers a reward to anyone who captures Jonathan Thomas. 11:09
1938-12-23 25 Rescuing Santa Claus; Jonathan Thomas and the Man in the Moon are in the Squeebubblians’ jail. Jonathan Thomas uses the magic whistle to get Santa out of jail. 11:38
1938-12-24 26 Going Home; Jonathan Thomas attends a party celebrating the rescue of Santa Clause. 11:32

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