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Old Time Radio - Miscellaneous & Other - Ripleys Believe It Or Not 1 Minute Episodes


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Datei mp3 Datum Audio Files Dauer
rip001 o.D. 100 Crippled Daughters 01:02
rip002 o.D. 12 Year Old Girl 01:03
rip003 o.D. 19 Year Duel 01:02
rip004 o.D. 19th Century Superman 01:02
rip005 o.D. 600 Eyebrows 01:03
rip006 o.D. A Lifetime By 20 01:05
rip007 o.D. About Face 01:02
rip008 o.D. Act Of Faith 01:00
rip009 o.D. Act Of Patriotism 01:03
rip010 o.D. Act Of Courage 01:01
rip011 o.D. Animal Pack 01:06
rip012 o.D. Anniversary 01:04
rip013 o.D. Argument Led To War 01:01
rip014 o.D. Attitude About Clothes 01:01
rip015 o.D. Baby Commander 01:01
rip016 o.D. Bagpipes 01:04
rip017 o.D. Bald Headed Joke 01:01
rip018 o.D. Ballet Star 01:02
rip019 o.D. Bar Bill 01:01
rip020 o.D. Before The Fact 01:02
rip021 o.D. Best Dressed Women 01:06
rip022 o.D. Big Reward 01:01
rip023 o.D. Billy Dixon 01:03
rip024 o.D. Blind Sightseer 01:01
rip025 o.D. Bloody Oath 01:01
rip026 o.D. Bloody War 01:06
rip027 o.D. Bono The Dwarf 01:02
rip028 o.D. Book Treated Like A King 00:57
rip029 o.D. Boredom Costs A Fortune 01:01
rip030 o.D. Bridge Of Death 01:02
rip031 o.D. Builder Of Roads 01:01
rip032 o.D. Built A House 01:01
rip033 o.D. Bullet Found Its Mark 01:03
rip034 o.D. Butterfly 01:06
rip035 o.D. Canadian Joan Of Arc 01:00
rip036 o.D. Cargo Of Bad Luck 01:01
rip037 o.D. Carry A Tune 01:00
rip038 o.D. Castle Distroyed By A Kiss 01:04
rip039 o.D. Castle Of Warning 01:01
rip040 o.D. Castle Owned By The Devil 01:04
rip041 o.D. Cheated Death 00:59
rip042 o.D. Cheese Won A Naval Battle 01:03
rip043 o.D. Choosy Thief 01:01
rip044 o.D. Church Beginnings 01:01
rip045 o.D. Church Disaster 01:02
rip046 o.D. Church Inspired By A Footstool 01:00
rip047 o.D. Church Steeple 01:01
rip048 o.D. Cliff Railway 01:02
rip049 o.D. Comedy Of Errors 01:03
rip050 o.D. Condemned A River 01:00
rip051 o.D. Considerate Uncle 01:04
rip052 o.D. Convicted Of Murder 01:04
rip053 o.D. Corpse Stops A Mutiny 01:01
rip054 o.D. Costliest Minute In History 01:01
rip055 o.D. Costliest Tree 01:01
rip056 o.D. Costly Bombardment 01:02
rip057 o.D. Couldnt Change Fate 01:03
rip058 o.D. Couldnt Say No 01:02
rip059 o.D. Courage Of A Woman 01:04
rip060 o.D. Courages Queen 01:01
rip061 o.D. Court Trial 01:02
rip062 o.D. Cows Gold Teeth 00:58
rip063 o.D. Crime Detection 01:01
rip064 o.D. Cruel Prctical Joke 01:03
rip065 o.D. Cruel Trick Of Nature 01:02
rip066 o.D. Cure For Blindness 01:01
rip067 o.D. Dancing Corpses 01:04
rip068 o.D. Dangerous Act 01:03
rip069 o.D. Dangerous Clams 01:05
rip070 o.D. Dark Secret 01:01
rip071 o.D. Deadly Gateposts 01:01
rip072 o.D. Deadly Stone 01:05
rip073 o.D. Death News Item 01:05
rip074 o.D. Death Sentence 01:05
rip075 o.D. Deathbed Wish 01:01
rip076 o.D. Deaths Head Moth 01:03
rip077 o.D. Debt Payed 01:01
rip078 o.D. Destined For Disaster 01:00
rip079 o.D. Died Of Double-Trouble 01:06
rip080 o.D. Discovered On A Camel 01:01
rip081 o.D. Distance Runner 01:04
rip082 o.D. Dog Betrays King 01:01
rip083 o.D. Donkeys Mine 01:04
rip084 o.D. Dont Rely On Doves 01:02
rip085 o.D. Dont Turn Your Back On A Fight 01:01
rip086 o.D. Double Pay 01:04
rip087 o.D. Dream Came True 01:00
rip088 o.D. Dress A Harem 01:01
rip089 o.D. Dunder Rock 01:01
rip090 o.D. Egyptian Shoe 01:02
rip091 o.D. Elaborate Funeral 01:02
rip092 o.D. Emperor In Hot Water 01:02
rip093 o.D. Empty Grave 01:02
rip094 o.D. Engaged Only Once 01:03
rip095 o.D. Eternal Silence 01:01
rip096 o.D. Everlasting Mourning 01:04
rip097 o.D. Executed Because He Was Strong 01:04
rip098 o.D. Executed Four Times 01:04
rip099 o.D. Expensive Cab Ride 01:01
rip100 o.D. Experience In Death 01:00
rip101 o.D. Exploding Casket 01:00
rip102 o.D. Fainting Pastor 01:00
rip103 o.D. Fatal Family 00:59
rip104 o.D. Fate 01:01
rip105 o.D. Fateful Phone Call 01:01
rip106 o.D. Feat In Lifting 01:01
rip107 o.D. Fell Out Of A Plane 01:03
rip108 o.D. Fire Destroys Bridge 01:03
rip109 o.D. First Ice Man 01:00
rip110 o.D. First Love 01:02
rip111 o.D. First Man To Eat His Hat 01:03
rip112 o.D. First President Of The U S A 01:03
rip113 o.D. Fish Story 01:02
rip114 o.D. Fish Tale 01:02
rip115 o.D. Fish That Disappeared 01:00
rip116 o.D. Flies Save A City 01:05
rip117 o.D. Floating Christmas Present 01:01
rip118 o.D. For The Sake Of Art 01:04
rip119 o.D. Fortune For A Letter 01:04
rip120 o.D. Fought Nature 01:01
rip121 o.D. Foundling 01:00
rip122 o.D. Free Criminal 01:01
rip123 o.D. Funny Election 01:00
rip124 o.D. Game Of Chess 01:04
rip125 o.D. Gauge Of Railroads 01:06
rip126 o.D. General's Secret 01:04
rip127 o.D. Glimpse Of Life 00:59
rip128 o.D. Golden Galley 01:05
rip129 o.D. Golden Mummy 01:02
rip130 o.D. Good Manners 01:01
rip131 o.D. Grateful Soldiers 00:59
rip132 o.D. Grave Robber 01:01
rip133 o.D. Grearest Clothes Horse 01:01
rip134 o.D. Great Talent 01:00
rip135 o.D. Greatest Lover 01:01
rip136 o.D. Greatest Nerve 01:01
rip137 o.D. Greatest One Man Job 01:00
rip138 o.D. Half A Cent Started A War 01:03
rip139 o.D. Handkerchief Moody 01:02
rip140 o.D. Hanging Judge 01:02
rip141 o.D. Hangmans Noose 01:03
rip142 o.D. Hates Money 00:58
rip143 o.D. Help Wanted Ad 01:02
rip144 o.D. Hidden Treasure 01:01
rip145 o.D. His Own Wedding 01:02
rip146 o.D. Holy Beach 01:01
rip147 o.D. Home Run Show 01:03
rip148 o.D. Home Sweet Home 00:59
rip149 o.D. Horrible Past 01:00
rip150 o.D. Hot Bath Makes A King 01:03
rip151 o.D. House Of Unhappy Marriages 01:02
rip152 o.D. How Bridge Got Its Name 01:03
rip153 o.D. How California Got Its Name 01:03
rip154 o.D. How Many Happy Days 01:04
rip155 o.D. How Much Is A Million 01:03
rip156 o.D. How The Tank Got Its Name 01:04
rip157 o.D. How The White House Got Its Name 01:05
rip158 o.D. Human Computer 01:01
rip159 o.D. Human Lighthouse 01:03
rip160 o.D. Human Top 01:02
rip161 o.D. Incredible Professor 01:04
rip162 o.D. Indestructible Pilgrim 01:04
rip163 o.D. Inherited His Own Fortune 01:01
rip164 o.D. Inhuman Monarch 00:57
rip165 o.D. Ink Blot Test 01:00
rip166 o.D. Insane Schoolteacher 01:03
rip167 o.D. Invasion Of Normandy 01:04
rip168 o.D. Iron Man 01:03
rip169 o.D. Island Made Of Soap 01:01
rip170 o.D. Jilted A King 01:03
rip171 o.D. Killed By A Prophesy 01:07
rip172 o.D. Killed By Bashfulness 01:03
rip173 o.D. Killed Himself For His Regiment 01:04
rip174 o.D. Killjoy 01:01
rip175 o.D. Kills With Gold 01:03
rip176 o.D. King Davids Wealth 01:02
rip177 o.D. King Died A Beggar 01:04
rip178 o.D. King Of Punishment 01:02
rip179 o.D. King Olaf 01:01
rip180 o.D. King Plenty 01:04
rip181 o.D. King That Rode Piggyback 01:05
rip182 o.D. King Wanted To Be A Dancer 00:59
rip183 o.D. Kings Appetite 01:01
rip184 o.D. Kings Reward 01:03
rip185 o.D. Knew How To Live 01:01
rip186 o.D. Knight From Tennessee 01:01
rip187 o.D. Labor Of Love 01:01
rip188 o.D. Largest Clan In Scotland 01:01
rip189 o.D. Last Reward 01:02
rip190 o.D. Late Revenge 01:02
rip191 o.D. Length Of True Love 01:06
rip192 o.D. Life And Death Decision 01:04
rip193 o.D. Life In Chains 01:02
rip194 o.D. Lighthouse On Cotton 01:02
rip195 o.D. Literary Award 01:01
rip196 o.D. Living Library 01:00
rip197 o.D. Lollypop Temple 01:02
rip198 o.D. Long Reign 01:02
rip199 o.D. Longest And Shortest Wedding In History 00:59
rip200 o.D. Longest Love Letter 01:01
rip201 o.D. Lord Brooks 00:57
rip202 o.D. Lot Of Lip 01:05
rip203 o.D. Loyal Soldier 01:00
rip204 o.D. Machine Of Death 01:01
rip205 o.D. Mad Monarchs Revenge 01:04
rip206 o.D. Mad Tzar 01:04
rip207 o.D. Makes A Point 01:00
rip208 o.D. Mamas Boy 01:01
rip209 o.D. Man Bites Crock 01:02
rip210 o.D. Man In The Gold Mask 01:02
rip211 o.D. Man Of God-Western Style 01:01
rip212 o.D. Man Of His Word 01:03
rip213 o.D. Man Of Letters 01:00
rip214 o.D. Man Who Couldnt Sleep 01:01
rip215 o.D. Manhatten 01:02
rip216 o.D. Margin Of Defeat 01:03
rip217 o.D. Marriage Racket 01:04
rip218 o.D. Marriage Rite 01:03
rip219 o.D. Marriage Test 00:58
rip220 o.D. Married His Wife 01:01
rip221 o.D. Milking A Cow 01:03
rip222 o.D. Misplaced Building 01:01
rip223 o.D. Modern Warfare 01:02
rip224 o.D. Moon Gate 01:03
rip225 o.D. Moonlighting Doctors 01:00
rip226 o.D. Most Distinguished Doctor 01:02
rip227 o.D. Most Expensive Dress 01:02
rip228 o.D. Most Trusting Man 01:00
rip229 o.D. Motherhood 01:02
rip230 o.D. Mountain Thats A City 01:01
rip231 o.D. Mystery House 01:02
rip232 o.D. Mystery Ship 01:01
rip233 o.D. Name A Tower 01:03
rip234 o.D. Never Bitten 01:01
rip235 o.D. Never Forgot 01:01
rip236 o.D. Never Grew Up 01:01
rip237 o.D. Never Never Gate 01:01
rip238 o.D. Never Too Late 01:02
rip239 o.D. Nice Profit 01:05
rip240 o.D. No Robes 01:01
rip241 o.D. No Time To Write Books 01:02
rip242 o.D. Not As Friends 01:00
rip243 o.D. Not Very Popular In America 01:02
rip244 o.D. Nothing To Govern 01:00
rip245 o.D. Nothing To Wear 01:06
rip246 o.D. Nut On Numbers 01:03
rip247 o.D. Odd Lady 01:02
rip248 o.D. Odd Place To Live 01:03
rip249 o.D. Odd Sack Of Mail 01:02
rip250 o.D. Odd Way To Live 00:56
rip251 o.D. Oldest Language 01:01
rip252 o.D. Oldest Song In The World 01:02
rip253 o.D. One Track Mind 01:00
rip254 o.D. One Vote 01:02
rip255 o.D. Opera Singer 00:59
rip256 o.D. Overcame Handicap 00:59
rip257 o.D. Paid National Debt 01:03
rip258 o.D. Patriot In Exile 01:01
rip259 o.D. People Who Eat Under Water 01:01
rip260 o.D. Perfumed House 01:00
rip261 o.D. Physical Handicap 01:00
rip262 o.D. Pink Lady 01:01
rip263 o.D. Pit Of Fire 01:02
rip264 o.D. Poetic Justice 01:00
rip265 o.D. Ponderous Book 01:01
rip266 o.D. Possessed By His Name 00:56
rip267 o.D. Prayer Answered 01:01
rip268 o.D. Preston Hall 01:03
rip269 o.D. Priceles Barrel 01:02
rip270 o.D. Princes Cruelity 01:00
rip271 o.D. Private Property 01:00
rip272 o.D. Prolific Poet 01:03
rip273 o.D. Prophesy 01:01
rip274 o.D. Prophesy Of Love 01:01
rip275 o.D. Queen For A Day 01:01
rip276 o.D. Queen With Short Memory 01:01
rip277 o.D. Real Cinderella Story 01:02
rip278 o.D. Reduce Divorce Rate 01:02
rip279 o.D. Remarkable Memorial 01:02
rip280 o.D. Remarkable Woman 01:04
rip281 o.D. Ritual Of Pain 01:02
rip282 o.D. Royal Wedding Target 01:04
rip283 o.D. Ruled By An Empty Chair 01:03
rip284 o.D. Ruler In Jail 01:01
rip285 o.D. Sad Day For A Railroad 01:01
rip286 o.D. Saves His Brothers Life 01:01
rip287 o.D. Saw Death In The Future 01:05
rip288 o.D. Saw Husband Die Twice 01:04
rip289 o.D. Scare A Tree 01:02
rip290 o.D. Scorn Of An Angry Woman 01:01
rip291 o.D. Scotish Wife Killer 01:04
rip292 o.D. Secret Of The Sealed Book 01:02
rip293 o.D. Seductive Murderess 01:04
rip294 o.D. Self Centered Man 00:59
rip295 o.D. Shell Had His Number 01:02
rip296 o.D. Ship Of The Dead 01:04
rip297 o.D. Shoemaker Becomes A King 01:03
rip298 o.D. Shook Hands With Foot 01:01
rip299 o.D. Showing Off New Husband 00:59
rip300 o.D. Shrieking Statue 01:03
rip301 o.D. Shyest Women In The World 00:59
rip302 o.D. Sight Of Terror 00:59
rip303 o.D. Silent Groom 01:02
rip304 o.D. Silly Statement 01:04
rip305 o.D. Singing Sailors 01:02
rip306 o.D. Sleepy Head 01:00
rip307 o.D. Slept Through Term 01:02
rip308 o.D. Small Fish 01:06
rip309 o.D. Smart Wig 01:04
rip310 o.D. Smooth Operator 01:00
rip311 o.D. Sock Escape 01:03
rip312 o.D. Soldier Of Fortune 01:00
rip313 o.D. Soldier Painter 01:03
rip314 o.D. Soldier Works Magic 01:02
rip315 o.D. Spectacles Of Death 01:05
rip316 o.D. Spectacular Walk 01:03
rip317 o.D. Stone Cutter 01:00
rip318 o.D. Strange Army 01:01
rip319 o.D. Strange Criminal Code 01:01
rip320 o.D. Strange Death 01:02
rip321 o.D. Strange Death Wish 01:02
rip322 o.D. Strange Decision 01:01
rip323 o.D. Strange Defense 01:01
rip324 o.D. Strange Fish 01:03
rip325 o.D. Strange Library 01:03
rip326 o.D. Strange Marriage Ceremony 01:02
rip327 o.D. Strange Nuptials 01:02
rip328 o.D. Strange Omen 01:02
rip329 o.D. Strange President 01:03
rip330 o.D. Strange Rainfall 01:01
rip331 o.D. Strange Religious Celebration 01:00
rip332 o.D. Strange Scrifice 01:06
rip333 o.D. Strange Sport 01:02
rip334 o.D. Strange Treasure Hunt 01:01
rip335 o.D. Strange Vigil 01:03
rip336 o.D. Strange Way To Die 01:00
rip337 o.D. Strange Will 01:01
rip338 o.D. Strange Wound 01:02
rip339 o.D. Stroke Of Lightning 01:02
rip340 o.D. Stubbed His Toe On 10 Billion Dollars 01:04
rip341 o.D. Table Manners 01:04
rip342 o.D. Tax Your Belief 01:06
rip343 o.D. Tell Tale House 01:01
rip344 o.D. Tempted Fate 01:01
rip345 o.D. Thanksgiving Fast 01:04
rip346 o.D. The Nervous Bulls 01:02
rip347 o.D. The Oath That Came True 01:03
rip348 o.D. The Vow 01:00
rip349 o.D. The Word Restaurant 01:00
rip350 o.D. Theory Of Child Education 01:00
rip351 o.D. Thrifty Nephew 01:01
rip352 o.D. Thumbs Up 01:00
rip353 o.D. To Catch A Thief 01:02
rip354 o.D. To Kill A Spy 01:02
rip355 o.D. To Kill A Turtle 01:00
rip356 o.D. Too Much Land 01:06
rip357 o.D. Toothache 01:01
rip358 rip3 Towed A Whale 01:02
rip359 rip3 Town Clock 01:03
rip360 rip3 Tragic Love Story 01:02
rip361 rip3 Treachery Of Kings 01:01
rip362 rip3 Trick On Nappy 00:58
rip363 rip3 True Romance 01:00
rip364 rip3 Tub Of Butter 01:05
rip365 rip3 Turned Down A Gold Mine 01:03
rip366 rip3 Two Lives 01:02
rip367 rip3 Typographical Error 01:04
rip368 rip3 Unconscious Bride 01:01
rip369 rip3 Unfacts 01:00
rip370 rip3 Unlikely Death 01:02
rip371 rip3 Unusual Coincidence 01:02
rip372 rip3 Unusual Food Handlers 01:03
rip373 rip3 Unusual Incident 01:03
rip374 rip3 Unusual Love Story 01:04
rip375 rip3 Unusual Pony 01:01
rip376 rip3 Unusual Purchase 00:56
rip377 rip3 Unusual Temple 01:00
rip378 rip3 Unwritten Book 01:03
rip379 rip3 Up To Date Church 01:01
rip380 rip3 Useless Guard 01:01
rip381 rip3 Victory Castle 01:04
rip382 rip3 Villiage That Murdered Itself 00:57
rip383 rip3 Vote Getter 01:00
rip384 rip3 Waist More Then Height 01:00
rip385 rip3 Walk To Russia 01:03
rip386 rip3 Wasteful Man 01:01
rip387 rip3 Water Drill 01:00
rip388 rip3 Way Of Mourning 00:59
rip389 rip3 Weaponless Duel 01:01
rip390 rip3 Wedding At Knifepoint 01:03
rip391 rip3 Wedding Ceremony 00:59
rip392 rip3 Weird Death Watch 01:02
rip393 rip3 Weird Prophesy 01:03
rip394 rip3 Well Of Death 01:01
rip395 rip3 Well Paid Poet 01:03
rip396 rip3 Whale Swallows Man 01:04
rip397 rip3 When Will He Die 01:02
rip398 rip3 Whiskers Caused A War 01:03
rip399 rip3 White Pigeons 01:02
rip400 rip3 Witch Doctor 01:02
rip401 o.D. Woman Invited Herself 01:01
rip402 o.D. Womans Hats 00:59
rip403 o.D. Word Meanings 01:05
rip404 o.D. Work Of Art 00:59
rip405 o.D. Worlds Richest Heiress 01:03
rip406 o.D. Worlds Worst Thug 01:03
rip407 o.D. Worth Her Weight In Gold 01:03
rip408 o.D. Ye Old Sun Inn 01:03
rip409 o.D. Young Sailor 01:01

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