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Dateiname Datum Inhalt Dauer
hobby01 1946-03-31 Mink Coat 23:45
hobby02 1946-08-04 Blackmail 23:56
hobby03 1946-09-01 Engaged To Death 24:17
hobby04 1946-09-08 Walking Corpse 23:22
hobby05 1947-08-13 Two Hours To Live 24:22
hobby06 1947-09-12 Death Is A Twin 24:22
hobby07 1947-09-19 Murder Can Sometimes Be Pleasant 23:50
hobby08 1947-09-27 Death Paints With Purple 23:30
hobby09 1947-10-22 Death Buys Flowers 25:43
hobby10 1947-10-29 Death Speaks With 10 Fingers 16:18
hobby11 1947-11-05 Madame Valentine Is Fearful 22:38
hobby12 1947-11-19 Death Asks Questions 26:46
hobby13 1947-11-26 Death Is A Grain Of Sand 27:12
hobby14 1947-12-17 Death Has Blue Eyes 24:44
hobby15 1947-12-24 Death Has A Hot Foot 24:52
hobby16 1947-12-31 Death Is 1 And 3 27:32
hobby17 1947-xx-xx Feuding Radio Comedians 23:47
hobby18 1948-01-07 Death Loses The Body 27:11
hobby19 1948-01-14 Death Goes Before Pride 24:27
hobby20 1949-21-21 Death Writes An Epitath 25:40
hobby21 1949-xx-xx Bullets Make Holes 23:50
hobby22 1949-xx-xx Case Of 65 Women 24:00
hobby23 1949-xx-xx Cinderella For A Day 23:25
hobby24 194x-xx-xx Allen Fisher Is Murdered 24:02
hobby25 194x-xx-xx Andrew Bradford Runs For Gov 22:48
hobby26 194x-xx-xx Arthur Gideons Memoirs 24:18
hobby27 194x-xx-xx Ben Cramer 24:15
hobby28 194x-xx-xx Body In The Trunk 22:56
hobby29 194x-xx-xx Buried Treasure Map 23:28
hobby30 194x-xx-xx Chris Pomeroy 23:51
hobby31 194x-xx-xx Clearing Peter Wade 23:25
hobby32 194x-xx-xx Coin Collector Mystery 24:18
hobby33 194x-xx-xx Death At Deadline 24:53
hobby34 194x-xx-xx Death In Mark Adrians Studio 23:57
hobby35 194x-xx-xx Death Of An Old Prospector 23:32
hobby36 194x-xx-xx Dude Ranch 23:43
hobby37 194x-xx-xx Estelle Wainwright 24:03
hobby38 194x-xx-xx Eternal Triangle 24:30
hobby39 194x-xx-xx Ex Con Candidate 24:13
hobby40 194x-xx-xx Faithless Wife 22:57
hobby41 194x-xx-xx Father And Son 23:59
hobby42 194x-xx-xx Fishing Trip Ends In Murder 23:34
hobby43 194x-xx-xx Fugitive Brother 24:48
hobby44 194x-xx-xx Gold Prospector 24:00
hobby45 194x-xx-xx Hit Plan Gone Astray 23:39
hobby46 194x-xx-xx Hudson Family Deaths 22:18
hobby47 194x-xx-xx John Crain Murder 22:25
hobby48 194x-xx-xx Kenneth Prengle Polo Player 23:02
hobby49 194x-xx-xx Kid Brown Is Koed 24:01
hobby50 194x-xx-xx Millionaire Threatened 24:38
hobby51 194x-xx-xx Mining Engineer Accused Of Murder 24:55
hobby52 194x-xx-xx Monica Feels Threatened 23:29
hobby53 194x-xx-xx Morini And The Formula 24:05
hobby54 194x-xx-xx Murder And The Folsom Point 23:29
hobby55 194x-xx-xx Murder At A Magic Show 22:23
hobby56 194x-xx-xx Murder At Asa Clarks House 22:49
hobby57 194x-xx-xx Murder At The Arnold House 23:38
hobby58 194x-xx-xx Murder Bound 24:08
hobby59 194x-xx-xx Murder In The Ring 23:57
hobby60 194x-xx-xx Murder With A Boomerang 23:41
hobby61 194x-xx-xx Mystery Of The Burning Light 23:24
hobby62 194x-xx-xx Oil King Murdered 24:13
hobby63 194x-xx-xx Phony Husband 23:06
hobby64 194x-xx-xx Sally Anders Is Murdered N.V
hobby65 194x-xx-xx Short Distance To Murder 24:48
hobby66 194x-xx-xx Shots At Curtis Window 24:53
hobby67 194x-xx-xx Snowbound 24:55
hobby68 194x-xx-xx Stella Dix Is Murdered 24:09
hobby69 194x-xx-xx Stephanie Brent Murdered 23:09
hobby70 194x-xx-xx Stolen Rembrandts 24:22
hobby71 194x-xx-xx Thief And The Paintings 22:53
hobby72 194x-xx-xx Ticket To Murder N.V
hobby73 194x-xx-xx Tom Torelli 23:47
hobby74 194x-xx-xx Uncle Howards Treasure Map 23:16
hobby75 194x-xx-xx Voice Of Doom 23:06
hobby76 194x-xx-xx Waiting Game 23:47
hobby77 194x-xx-xx Who Killed David Austin 24:13
hobby78 194x-xx-xx Wife And Her Friends 23:02
hobby79 194x-xx-xx Wife Poisoned 24:50
hobby80 194x-xx-xx Wife Thinks Husband Is Trying To Kill Her 24:58
hobby81 194x-xx-xx Woman Shoots Self 23:31
hobby82 19xx-xx-xx Mr Michaels Murder Suspect 23:29

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