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ave_001 A Christmas Story 26:17
ave_002 A Stranger Passes By A Christmas Story 25:37
ave_003 Abraham And Isaac 27:48
ave_004 Abrahams Sacrifice 27:28
ave_005 Anger 24:52
ave_006 Anne Of St Bartholomew Companion And Nurse To St Teresa 26:06
ave_007 Blessed Albert Of Bergamo 26:47
ave_008 Blessed Angelina Of Marsciano 25:21
ave_009 Blessed Anne Mary Javouhey 26:25
ave_010 Blessed Are They That Mourn 25:31
ave_011 Blessed Clare Of Rimini 25:47
ave_012 Blessed Godfrey Of Cappenberg 26:28
ave_013 Blessed Humberto Iii Of Savoy 25:26
ave_014 Blessed Joan Of Aza 26:14
ave_015 Blessed John Du Lau 26:33
ave_016 Blessed John Of Avila 26:49
ave_017 Blessed John Of Parma 25:46
ave_018 Blessed Justin Dejacobis 27:36
ave_019 Blessed Mary Bartholomea Bagnesi 26:27
ave_020 Blessed Mary Of Pisa 24:58
ave_021 Blessed Matthew Rossi 25:27
ave_022 Blessed Stephen And Blessed Raymond 26:25
ave_023 Blesses Maria Assunta Missionary Of China 24:56
ave_024 Brother Andre 25:01
ave_025 Brother Edmund Burke The Victorious Irish Christian Brother 27:08
ave_026 Charity 24:54
ave_027 Charles Carroll Of Carrollton 24:19
ave_028 Christmas The Handmaiden Of The Lord 26:59
ave_029 Christmas The Nativity 25:56
ave_030 Commander John Barry 27:37
ave_031 Creation 25:33
ave_032 David And Absalom 23:37
ave_033 Dawn Of A New Year 24:14
ave_034 Down The Dark Turns To Glory 27:31
ave_035 Easter Sunday 26:45
ave_036 Edel Quinn The Legion Of Mary 1 25:46
ave_037 Elizabeth St John 28:08
ave_038 Episode 01 The Coming Of John The Baptist 24:37
ave_039 Episode 02 The Temptation In The Desert 25:20
ave_040 Episode 03 The Marriage Feast At Canaan 26:10
ave_041 Episode 04 The Cleansing Of The Temple 25:11
ave_042 Episode 05 The Woman Of Somaria 25:26
ave_043 Episode 06 The Beggar At The Probatic Pool 24:55
ave_044 Episode 07 The Rejection At Nazareth 25:44
ave_045 Episode 08 The Day Of Miracles 26:00
ave_046 Episode 09 The First Forgiveness Of Sins 25:47
ave_047 Episode 10 The Treachery Of The Pharisees 25:46
ave_048 Episode 11 The Sermon On The Mount 26:04
ave_049 Episode 12 The Embassy From John The Baptist 26:04
ave_050 Episode 13 The Charge Of Beelzebub 25:33
ave_051 Episode 14 The Storm At Sea 26:13
ave_052 Episode 15 The Daughter Of Jarius And The Mission Of The Twelve 25:41
ave_053 Episode 16 The Death Of John The Baptist 25:54
ave_054 Episode 18 The Bread Of Life 26:37
ave_055 Episode 19 The Pharisees And Unwashed Hands 25:28
ave_056 Episode 20 The Feeding Of The Four Thousand 26:18
ave_057 Episode 21 The Confession Of Peter 25:50
ave_058 Episode 22 Lessons To The Twelve 26:12
ave_059 Episode 23 The Feast Of The Tabernacles Part 1 26:44
ave_060 Episode 24 The Feast Of The Tabernacles Part 2 26:02
ave_061 Episode 25 The Light Of The World 27:52
ave_062 Episode 26 The Good Shepherd 25:49
ave_063 Episode 27 Jesus In Judea 26:58
ave_064 Episode 28 The Feast Of Dedication 26:40
ave_065 Episode 29 Jesus In Transjordan 26:25
ave_066 Episode 30 The Prodigal Son 29:31
ave_067 Episode 31 The Raising Of Lazurus 26:16
ave_068 Episode 32 The Coming Of The Kingdom 26:25
ave_069 Episode 33 The Sons Of Zebedee 25:55
ave_070 Episode 34 The Procession Of The Palms 26:11
ave_071 Episode 35 The Last Days Of The Temple 26:27
ave_072 Episode 36 The Compact With Judas 26:43
ave_073 Episode 37 The Last Supper 26:46
ave_074 Episode 38 Gethsemani 26:03
ave_075 Episode 39 The Religious Trial Of Jesus 22:40
ave_076 Episode 40 The Death Of Judas 26:53
ave_077 Episode 41 The Crown Of Thorns 25:35
ave_078 Episode 42 The Way Of The Cross 26:53
ave_079 Episode 43 He Is Risen 26:11
ave_080 Episode 44 The Ascention 28:18
ave_081 Faith 25:25
ave_082 Father Chaminade 26:40
ave_083 Father Damien 27:40
ave_084 Father Juan De Padilla 25:37
ave_085 Father Leo Henrichs 24:46
ave_086 Father Paul Of Greymoor 27:35
ave_087 Father Sharbel The Cedar Of Lebanon 26:51
ave_088 Father William Corby Chaplain 25:02
ave_089 Fr John Baptist Sidotti 28:11
ave_090 Handmaid Of The Lord 26:59
ave_091 He Is Risen 25:57
ave_092 Henry Garnet 26:45
ave_093 Holy Eucharist 25:45
ave_094 Hope 26:00
ave_095 Joan Of Arc 27:38
ave_096 John Of Parma 25:46
ave_097 John The Baptist 22:18
ave_098 Joseph And His Brethern 26:38
ave_099 King David 26:48
ave_100 Lessons To The Twelve 26:23
ave_101 Margaret Lekeux Angel Of Charity 26:33
ave_102 Mary Magdalene 25:27
ave_103 Matrimony 25:13
ave_104 Mother Alphonsa Lathrop 26:07
ave_105 Mother Cabrini 24:15
ave_106 Mother Frances Schervier 27:19
ave_107 Mother Lurana Of Graymoor 47:12
ave_108 Mother Mary Alphonsa 27:23
ave_109 Mother Mary Kaspar And The Poor Handmaids Of Jesus Christ 26:20
ave_110 Mother Seton Elizabeth Ann Seton Sisters Of Charity 25:12
ave_111 Mrs Tolliver And St Peregrine 25:56
ave_112 My Brother St Stanislaus 27:18
ave_113 New Years Day In A Taxi 27:41
ave_114 Our Lady Of Aberdeen 2 26:06
ave_115 Our Lady Of Guadalupe 26:19
ave_116 Our Lady Of Lourdes 27:36
ave_117 Our Ladys Isle 2 25:05
ave_118 Out Of The Depths Brothers Apperition Of The Virgin Mary 26:39
ave_119 Padre Pio 27:51
ave_120 Palm Sunday 26:09
ave_121 Paul The Apostle Pt 1 24:46
ave_122 Paul The Apostle Pt 2 26:26
ave_123 Paul The Apostle Pt 3 25:02
ave_124 Paul The Apostle Pt 4 26:06
ave_125 Pope Pius Xii Episode: 01 of 06 26:29
ave_126 Pope Pius Xii Episode: 02 of 06 26:22
ave_127 Pope Pius Xii Episode: 03 of 06 25:17
ave_128 Pope Pius Xii Episode: 04 of 06 25:15
ave_129 Pope Pius Xii Episode: 05 of 06 25:42
ave_130 Purity Of Intention 26:11
ave_131 Saint Almacheus 27:40
ave_132 Saint Andrew 21:40
ave_133 Saint Anthony Of Padua 22:08
ave_134 Saint Bernadine Of Feltre 25:46
ave_135 Saint Bernadine Of Sienna 24:28
ave_136 Saint Bernadine Of Sienna 2 24:28
ave_137 Saint Bridget Of Sweden 27:42
ave_138 Saint Brigid Of Ireland 25:48
ave_139 Saint Camillus And The Nurse 26:02
ave_140 Saint Catherine Of Genoa 27:33
ave_141 Saint Catherine Of Sienna 24:07
ave_142 Saint Cecilia 1 27:34
ave_143 Saint Christopher 27:30
ave_144 Saint Claire Of Assissi 27:33
ave_145 Saint Conrad Of Piacenza 25:43
ave_146 Saint Elizabeth 24:23
ave_147 Saint Elphege 25:18
ave_148 Saint Francis Of Assissi 25:09
ave_149 Saint James Apostle 22:31
ave_150 Saint John Apostle 25:48
ave_151 Saint John Baptist De La Salle 26:14
ave_152 Saint John De Britto 26:44
ave_153 Saint Jude 27:09
ave_154 Saint Martha 23:54
ave_155 Saint Martin De Porres 22:41
ave_156 Saint Mary Of Egypt 27:41
ave_157 Saint Matthew Apostle 23:04
ave_158 Saint Nicholas 22:10
ave_159 Saint Nicholas Patron Saint Of Children 28:46
ave_160 Saint Norbert 26:11
ave_161 Saint Pancratius 22:54
ave_162 Saint Peter Peter In Chains Pt 3 26:07
ave_163 Saint Peter The Eternal Church Pt 4 25:06
ave_164 Saint Peter The Fisher Of Men Pt 2 25:50
ave_165 Saint Peter Thou Art Peter Pt 1 26:11
ave_166 Saint Stephen 27:14
ave_167 Saint Theresa 24:40
ave_168 Saint Thomas Apostle 27:54
ave_169 Saint Valentine 23:23
ave_170 Solomon 25:11
ave_171 St Agatha 23:20
ave_172 St Aloysius Of Gonzaga 25:52
ave_173 St Angela Merici 26:50
ave_174 St Annes De Beaupre Mother Of The Blessed Virgin Mary 25:23
ave_175 St Augustine Of Hippo 26:26
ave_176 St Bartholomea Capitanio Sisters Of Charity 26:31
ave_177 St Benedict Joseph Labre 25:59
ave_178 St Benedict Patron Saint Ogainst Poison And Witchcraft 23:43
ave_179 St Bertilla Boscardin 24:57
ave_180 St Blandina Segale 26:13
ave_181 St Catherine Dei Ricci Patron Saint Against Illness 26:13
ave_182 St Catherine Laboure Sister Of Charity 23:51
ave_183 St Catherine Of Sweden 26:21
ave_184 St Colette 26:45
ave_185 St Columbanis Of Bobbio 25:07
ave_186 St Efraem Inspirational Poet And Musician 27:14
ave_187 St Emma Of Austria 26:32
ave_188 St Eulalia Of Merida 24:51
ave_189 St Felicitas 26:02
ave_190 St Ferdinand Iii Of Castile 24:35
ave_191 St Fidelis 26:14
ave_192 St Fidelis Of Sigmaringen Franciscan Capuchin Martyr 26:15
ave_193 St Francis Borgia 4th Duke Of Gandia 26:29
ave_194 St Gabriel Possenti 26:16
ave_195 St Gemma Galgani Italian Mystic 26:59
ave_196 St Germaine Cousin Canon Of Virgins 26:15
ave_197 St Gomer Patron Saint Of Henpecked Husbands 26:21
ave_198 St Helena 24:09
ave_199 St Ivo Of Chartres 27:17
ave_200 St James The Almsgiver 27:57
ave_201 St Joan De Lestonnac 26:32
ave_202 St John Capistran Pt 1 25:25
ave_203 St John Capistran Pt 2 25:40
ave_204 St John Fisher Martyred Catholic Bishop And Cardinal 24:46
ave_205 St John Of Sahagon 26:09
ave_206 St Josepha Rosello 26:39
ave_207 St Justin Justin Martyr 27:42
ave_208 St Laurence 24:43
ave_209 St Lawrence Of Brindisi 25:57
ave_210 St Lawrence Otoole 26:07
ave_211 St Leo Iii Charlemagnes Pope 26:55
ave_212 St Leocretia 25:48
ave_213 St Lorenzo Giustiniani 27:43
ave_214 St Lucy 24:57
ave_215 St Lutgarde A Sister Of The Convent Of St Clare 26:14
ave_216 St Maria Goretti 25:03
ave_217 St Mathilda 26:11
ave_218 St Mildred Holy Woman Of Generosity And Compassion 26:34
ave_219 St Odillia 27:05
ave_220 St Paschal Baylon The Patron Saint Of Sheperds 27:41
ave_221 St Patrick 26:31
ave_222 St Peregrine Patron Saint Of Cancer Patients 26:58
ave_223 St Perpetua Of Carthage 26:56
ave_224 St Peter Fourier Congregation Of Notre Dame 25:53
ave_225 St Raymond Of Penafort Patron Saint Of Lawyers 23:50
ave_226 St Roch Patron Saint Of Dogs And Falsely Accused People 26:41
ave_227 St Rose Of Lima Patroness Of Latin America 26:17
ave_228 St Sabinus 25:50
ave_229 St Veronica Giuliani Italian Capuchin Nun And Mystic 23:53
ave_230 St Vincent Pallotti Founder Of The Pallotines 26:18
ave_231 St Werburga Born Of A Princess 26:24
ave_232 Storm At Sea 26:17
ave_233 Story Of Danilo Dolci 27:44
ave_234 Stranger Passes By 25:37
ave_235 Temperance 25:49
ave_236 The Ascension 28:18
ave_237 The Blessed Virgin Mary 26:38
ave_238 The Day Of The Lord 26:38
ave_239 he Eight Beatitude Blessed Are They Who Suffer Persecution Pt 8 26:45
ave_240 The Eighth Commandment That Shalt Not Bear False Witness Pt 8 24:21
ave_241 The Eighth Station Of The Cross Pt 8 27:21
ave_242 The Eleventh Station Of The Cross Pt 11 27:03
ave_243 The Feeding Of The Five Thousand 25:07
ave_244 The Fifth Beatitude Blessed Are The Merciful Pt 5 27:12
ave_245 The Fifth Commandment Thou Shalt Not Kill Pt 5 24:10
ave_246 The Fifth Station Of The Cross Pt 5 26:05
ave_247 The Finding Of The Holy Cross 25:22
ave_248 The First Beatitude Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit Pt 1 20:43
ave_249 The First Commandment I Am The Lord Thy God Pt 1 24:44
ave_250 The First Station Of The Cross Pt 1 27:04
ave_251 The Fourteenth Station Of The Cross Pt 14 27:08
ave_252 The Fourth Beatitude Blessed Are They That Hunger And Thirst Pt 4 27:25
ave_253 The Fourth Commandment Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother Pt 4 25:03
ave_254 The Fourth Station Of The Cross Pt 4 26:45
ave_255 The Giving Of Alms 25:23
ave_256 The Last Supper 26:33
ave_257 The Leper And St Barnabas 24:12
ave_258 The Martyrs Of Uganda 27:16
ave_259 The Mothers Gift 27:38
ave_260 The Ninth Station Of The Cross Pt 9 27:39
ave_261 The Patience Of Job 28:06
ave_262 The Prodigal Son 29:31
ave_263 The Second Beatitude Blessed Are The Meek Pt 2 18:27
ave_264 The Second Commandment Thou Shalt Not Take The Name Of The Lord Thy God In Vain Pt 2 25:57
ave_265 The Second Station Of The Cross Pt 2 26:26
ave_266 The Servant Of God Jane Of Saint Erasmus 26:07
ave_267 The Seventh And Tenth Commandments Thou Shalt Not Steal Pt 7 24:58
ave_268 Seventh Beatitude Blessed Are The Peacemakers Pt 7 26:08
ave_269 The Seventh Station Of The Cross Pt 7 27:23
ave_270 The Sixth And Ninth Commandments Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultry Pt 6 24:37
ave_271 The Sixth Beatitude Blessed Are The Pure In Heart Pt 6 27:33
ave_272 The Sixth Station Of The Cross Pt 6 26:47
ave_273 The Story Of David Episode: 01 of 03 23:42
ave_274 The Story Of David Episode: 02 of 03 23:09
ave_275 The Story Of David Episode: 03 of 03 25:13
ave_276 The Story Of Dietrich Bonhoeffer 27:49
ave_277 The Story Of Ezekiel 25:38
ave_278 The Story Of Mother Catherine Aurelia Caouette 27:33
ave_279 The Story Of St Francis Of Assisi 26:42
ave_280 The Story Of The Franciscan Martyrs 27:37
ave_281 The Tenth Station Of The Cross Pt 10 27:31
ave_282 The Third Beatitude Blessed Are They That Mourn Pt 3 27:34
ave_283 The Third Commandment Remember Thou To Keep Holy The Sabbath Day Pt 3 22:47
ave_284 The Third Station Of The Cross Pt 3 27:07
ave_285 The Thirteenth Station Of The Cross Pt 13 27:13
ave_286 The Twelfth Station Of The Cross Pt 12 26:56
ave_287 The Way To Win 26:41
ave_288 The Wonderful Water Saint Alban 26:30
ave_289 Three White Veils For Sandra Alessandra Rudini 27:22
ave_290 To Bury The Dead 25:49
ave_291 To Clothe The Naked 25:33
ave_292 To Shelter The Homeless 26:46
ave_293 To Visit The Imprisoned 25:22
ave_294 Treachery Of The Pharisees 25:59
ave_295 True Riches 26:05
ave_296 Veracity 25:44
ave_297 Woman Of Samaria 25:53

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