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“America's number one adventurer, K-7 - former United States secret agent who operated in 22 countries, on land, on sea, and in the air--brings you a story today..." These fifteen minute episodes of mystery and espionage from the 1939 broadcasts begin with a prolonged organ intro so the local announcer could get in a couple of commercials for the local furniture store or dairy! Each single episode lasted about 12 and 1/2 minutes, but each "case" is really quite interesting and exciting. - Agent K-7 is actually a rather mild-mannered narrator of these stories. He doesn't sound or seem very heroic or interesting... which would make him all the more effective as a spy! The spy's best disguise is a perfectly ordinary and uninteresting demeanor. The radio actors who brought these stories of men and women operatives to the radio are as unknown today as most of the real spies of that time. The stories are drawn from the headlines and fears of 1939. "Exactly the kind of activity that a spy would take advantage of," to quote agent Z. The fine actor Walter Pigeon plays Agent Z in some of the episodes. The sound quality of these shows is very good.

Datei Datum Inhalt Dauer
e01 1939 Episode 1: Border Violations Newspapers are printing stories about border violations. Agent Z, a friend of K7, wants to fly at night over borders. 14:30
e02 1939 Episode 2: Poisonous Gas B9 wants to rescue his father. He has to deal with a woman spy. 14:37
e03 1939 Episode 3: Information Peddler The story is about Secret Agent M. 14:47
e04 1939 Episode 4: Narcotics Peddlars 14:42
e05 1939 Episode 5: Sabotage In Industry Sabotage in industry through international spies. B9 has delivered K7 the story about sabotage. 15:01
e06 1939 Episode 6: Fortified Borders Many nations are building fortified borders. But they have one weakness: They can be mined and blown up. 14:45
e07 1939 Episode 7: Blood And Steal Society This was a ruthless society. But in this story it will be destroyed. 14:43
e08 1939 Episode 8: Illegal Use Of Radio The illegal use of radio has brought some countries to the verge of crisis. 14:39
e09 1939 Episode 9: Coast Defense Secrets A young woman has stolen a countries coast defense secrets. 14:46
e10 1939 Episode 10: Suicide Ships Special Agent B9 get attend on the suicide ships case through commercial sources. He and his assistant were asked to investigate. 14:39
e11 1939 Episode 11: War Supplies This time, war supplies are transported to strengthen a nations defense. Spies are alerted because of that and even in some countries they are payed to prevent this. 14:34
e12 1939 Episode 12: Revolution Spies and international crooks causes revolutions and a lost of freedom. 14:54
e13 1939 Episode 13: Military Secrets Leaked A new bomb was developed. Secret Agent M and his assistant was called into the case. 14:47
e14 1939 Episode 14: Undesirable Aliens The smuggling of undesirable aliens has always been a problem. They are often spies with orders to undermine and sabotage. 14:44
e15 1939 Episode 15: High Speed Bomber A high speed bomber was tested. Special Agent M watched this test. 14:34
e16 1939 Episode 16: Master Spy Military secret of great importance have gone to an enemy nation. With B9 and his younger assistant. 14:40
e17 1939 Episode 17: Gold Shipments A country has moved their gold into another country, because they fear they neighbor. Spies picked up the information. With Special Agent Z. 14:34
e18 1939 Episode 18: Storm Cloud Special Agent B9 and his assistant wants to investigate how foreign spies enters the country. First, their investigations were fruitless, but then.. 14:38
e19 1939 Episode 19: Apparent Civil War Spies get order to infiltrate a country and to collect sympathizers, to harm them and to develop a situation, which looks like a civil war. They are enemies within the borders of a nation. 14:38
e20 1939 Episode 20: Air Defense Modern warfare depends much on surprise. Special Agent Z was called by a nation, which air defense plans were stolen. 14:37
e21 1939 Episode 21: Thermite Bombs Thermite bombs generate a heat of few thousand degrees. But it works without sound. Special Agent B9 and his assistant were hired onto this case. 14:50
e22 1939 Episode 22: Fleet Movements Spies nowadays play a high role in diplomacy. 14:46
e23 1939 Episode 23: Foodstuffs Without food, wars cannot be won. So countries need food supplies. Spies try to sabotage these supplies. 14:45
e24 1939 Episode 24: Secret Police Citizens often live under constant fear. They are victims in their own countries. 14:44
e25 1939 Episode 25: Aeroplane Order Spies are ordered to delay the delivery of aeroplanes of an enemy country. This story plays in Asia. 14:31
e26 1939 Episode 26: Innocent Citizens Used Innocent and patriotic citizens get used by a clever spy. B9 and his younger female assistant takes you through the story. 14:29
e27 1939 Episode 27: Bombing Planes European countries have started to strengthen their air defense with bombing planes. Ruthless spies aren’t the same like in the world war: nowadays they get ordered to kill. 14:34
e28 1939 Episode 28: Embassy Master Spy Some spies are working through their embassies. So they can transport important information on an easier way out of a country. With Special Agent M. 14:29
e29 1939 Episode 29: Shipyards Foreign spies seek for information about new ships. 14:32
e30 1939 Episode 30: Colonial Uprising Colonies assumed a large importance for countries. But nowadays they are fears about uprisings. With Special Agent Z and his assistant. 14:32
e31 1939 Episode 31: World Crisis The world is waiting for a speech which will cause war. 14:31
e32 1939 Episode 32: Government Overthrow Special Agent M meets K7 in his office to take further assignments. 14:35
e33 1939 Episode 33: Refugees Again at K7 headquarter. Z arrives. His case: Foreign spies entered this country as refugees. 14:29
e34 1939 Episode 34: Fraudulent Passports Again at K7s headquarter. With B9. The case: Spies are travelling with passports from this country. 14:34
e35 1939 Episode 35: Information For The Premier Again at K7s headquarter. With Z. Members of the cabinet favor an alliance that will mean the end of this countries liberty. 14:32
e36 1939 Episode 36: Secrets Leaked Again at K7s headquarter. With M. 14:40
e37 1939 Episode 37: Code Book Stolen Again at K7s headquarter. With B9. He has 24 hours to find the stolen code book. 14:28
e38 1939 Episode 38: Carl Frankenburg Again at K7s headquarter. With Z. He has to find Frankenburg, a spy who has infiltrated this country. (lower quality.) 14:25
e39 1939 Episode 39: Machine Gun Plans At K7s headquarter. With M. 14:30
e40 1939 Episode 40: Wholesale Murder At K7s headquarter, with B9. He has to get after one of the world’s most ruthless crooks. 14:35
e41 1939 Episode 41: Anti-Aircraft Gun At K7s headquarter. With M. The plans of this countries intelligence service about a new anti-aircraft gun are conducted. Information about this attracted some spies attention. 14:27
e42 1939 Episode 42: Agent Z Disappears Agent K7s headquarter. Zs assistant gets assignments to seek after Zs disappearance. 14:29
e43 1939 Episode 43: Counterfeiters At K7s headquarter. With B9. 14:34
e44 1939 Episode 44: Vapor Gas At K7s headquarter, with B9. 14:31
e45 1939 Episode 45: Aeroplane Factory At K7s headquarter, with M. One of the largest aeroplane factories is placed in this city. 14:31
e46 1939 Episode 46: Defense PlansAt K7s headquarter, with Z. One spy in this city is going to sell defense plans. The intelligence service gets after this by accident. 14:33
e47 1939 Episode 47: Ultimatum At K7s headquarter, with B9. 14:36
e48 1939 Episode 48: City Of Intrigue At K7s headquarter, with M. This city belonged earlier to another country. Now, this former owner wants this city back. 14:33
e49 1939 Episode 49: Firing Squad At K7s headquarter, with Z. The story is located in the far east. They are charges against a major, but K7 believes that they are not true. 14:37
e50 1939 Episode 50: Narcotics Smuggled K7s headquarter, with M. Narcotics are smuggled in this country at high quantities. 14:36
e51 1939 Episode 51: Aeroplane Plans K7s headquarter, with B9. Vulnerable plans fell into the hands of spies. 14:38
e52 1939 Episode 52: Delivery Of Papers At K7s headquarter, with Z. He has to deliver papers to another country. 14:39
e53 1939 Episode 53: Government Overthrow K7s headquarter, with M. 14:42
e54 1939 Episode 54: Agent Missing K7s headquarter, with Z. There is mysterious note about the missing of Zs assistant. 14:43
e55 1939 Episode 55: Military Information Stolen K7s headquarter, with B9 (low quality). 14:40
e56 1939 Episode 56: Oriental Spy #1 K7s headquarter, with M. An oriental spy entered this country. M has to get after him. 14:45
e57 1939 Episode 57: Oriental Spy #2 K7s headquarter, with Z. 14:40
e58 1939 Episode 58: Favor Returned K7s headquarter, with B9. An Asian agent named Wong needs K7s help. 14:37
e59 1939 Episode 59: Inventor Missing K7s headquarter, with M. 14:37
e60 1939 Episode 60: Known Spy (Repeate of #38) K7s headquarter, with Z. Frankenburg is back. K7 thinks that he is carrying informations. 14:33
e61 1939 Episode 61: Foreign Agent K7s headquarter, with M. There is an agent in Paris, who has to be found. 14:41
e62 1939 Episode 62: Letter Box Agent K7s headquarter, with B9. This time he has to work with L6 instead of his assistant. 14:38
e63 1939 Episode 63: Military And Diplomatic Secrets K7s headquarter, with Z. Secrets have been stolen. 14:37
e64 1939 Episode 64: Blonde Spy K7s headquarter, with M. A blonde spy entered Basel, Switzerland. She has important documents, which has to be recovered. 14:38
e65 1939 Episode 65: Defense Programs K7s headquarter, with Z. 14:39
e66 1939 Episode 66: Spy Returns K7s headquarter, with M. A female spy has returned. 14:40
e67 1939 Episode 67: Stolen Maps K7s headquarter, with B9. Maps have been stolen. 14:41
e68 1939 Episode 68: Far East Mission K7s headquarter, with Z. An official has to arrive and Z has to protect him. 14:42

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