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samp1_01 12.12.1944 The Alan Young Show: Alan Writes An Opera 30:31
samp1_02 11.09.1948 Archie Andrews: Archie Borrows A Tire Jack 30:58
samp1_03 xx.xx.1957 Beluah: Honorary Santa 29:29
samp1_04 -- Big John and Sparky Over The Falls In An Airplane 12:25
samp1_05 -- Blooper: Looks Like The Mail Man He talks with a child about his mother and father. 00:25
samp1_06 10.07.1940 The Blue Beetle: Saved By A Hair 25:29
samp1_07 -- Bob Hope: 20 000 Leagues Under The Sea 23:07
samp1_08 12.12.1949 Bob Ray: Boston Mary Cries Terrence McCaffigen 29:28
samp1_09 27.05.1950 Bobby Benson: Den Of Thieves 30:21
samp1_10 04.04.1938 Buckrogers Origin Story With a message from the winner of the “Typical American Boy” contest. 15:21
samp1_11 -- Bulldog Drummond: Death Loops The Loop 27:09
samp1_12 04.04.1949 Candy Matson: Donna Dunham Case Matson is a private eye. She is always after some money, so this time she seeks it in the Dunham case. 26:42
samp1_13 -- Childrens Collection Sleepy Joe: Brer Rabbitbear Big Snow 06:55
samp1_14 -- The Clyde Beatty Show: #39 Flying Politos Clyde is the owner of a circus. 25:29
samp1_15 14.09.1943 Counter Spy: Spy Submarine Logansport A counter spy is a US agent, which duty it is to smash enemy spies. 29:29
samp1_16 25.09.1937 Cruise of the Poll Parrot # 1.mp3 11:18
samp1_17 12.06.1949 The Damon Runyan Theater Broadway Complex 28:44
samp1_18 23.04.1947 Dennis Day Anderson Writes For True Story Magazine Presented by Colgate Dental Creme. 30:33
samp1_19 -- Dick Cole #01 Thieves 28:33
samp1_20 14.03.1946 Dinah Shore Birdseye Groucho Marx Hypochondriac 30:08
samp1_21 03.07.1948 Dizzy Dean #01 Lefty Gomez 14:29
samp1_22 08.12.1950 Doctor Kildare A Morgan 27:30
samp1_23 -- Dr Tim #003 Guest In Number Two 14:23
samp1_24 07.03.1944 Duffys Tavern Tax Advice From Cnl. Stoopnagle In cooperation with the Armed Forces Radio Service for the armed forces oversee. 28:47
samp1_25 03.01.1937 Eddie Cantor Al Jolson, Deanna Durbin 30:36
samp1_26 17.11.1946 Edgar Bergan & Charlie McCarthy: The Charlie McCarthy Show Tallulah Bankhead.mp3 24:37
samp1_27 -- Ellery Queen Minute Mysteries: The Curious Gangland Killing A mystery story told in about a minute. 01:02
samp1_28 06.08.1946 Encore Theater A Man To Remember 29:02
samp1_29 15.01.1953 Father Knows Best The Boy Next Door 29:51
samp1_30 04.07.1946 Fifth Horseman Rehersal 29:46
samp1_31 13.10.1939 First Nighter #59 Symphony with your Spagettii 26:11
samp1_32 -- Frankenstein 12:55
samp1_33 25.04.1948 The Fred Allen Show Scalping Baseball Tickets 29:28
samp1_34 10.10.1952 Frontier Town Tod Ford 30:46
samp1_35 -- Gangbusters The Case Of The Quincy Killers In association with the us-police departments. 23:57
samp1_36 -- The Ghost Corp #01 Knives of el Malek 14:14
samp1_37 -- GI Jive509 Rhum Boogie A music broadcast at the Armed Forces Radio Service AFRS. 15:03
samp1_38 14.10.1941 The Goldbergs #105 Jake Is Upset 09:04
samp1_39 -- Haunting Hour #13 The Uptown Express 25:00
samp1_40 30.10.1947 The Henry Morgan Show 30:00
samp1_41 -- Hermit's Cave Spirits Of Vengence 23:04
samp1_42 28.03.1951 Honest Harold First Day Of School Honest Harold, the homemaker. 29:30
samp1_43 27.01.1944 Hop Harrigan Nazi Threat 14:34
samp1_44 13.10.1944 Ignorant Married Men Live Longer 29:46
samp1_45 22.01.1943 Information Please Alfred Hitchcock A morning broadcast. 28:15
samp1_46 -- Jerry At Fair Oaks #19 Paul Rides Splendor 14:53
samp1_47 17.12.1948 The Jimmy Durante Show Alan Young Presented by Camel Cigarettes. The show starts with a camel advertise, in which they will proof that smoking camel cigarettes doesn’t cause throat irritations. 30:00
samp1_48 26.04.1947 Judy Canova Going To An Opera Masquerade (Pretty silent) 27:56
samp1_49 23.08.1947 Lets Pretend Mell A Lot A show for children. 24:26
samp1_50 19.06.1947 Man Called X Silver Scarab Mystery. The story begins with a murder. 26:12
samp1_51 06.03.1950 Mark Trail Vampires From The Deep 28:20
samp1_52 -- Mary Noble Backstage Wife Mars Pregnant The pregnancy is just a secret. 11:07
samp1_53 24.12.1942 Mayor A Christmas Carol A christmas story by Charles Dickens. 31:12
samp1_54 15.01.1949 Michael Shayne The Case Of Tahlans Tears Mr. Shayne is a private detective. 29:12
samp1_55 21.10.1947 Milton Berle #33 Good Health> Presented by Phillip Morris cigarettes. 30:03
samp1_56 16.03.1935 Moon Over Africa Talkinghead 11:36
samp1_57   Mr And Mrs North Opera Murder 23:27
samp1_58 01.06.1950 Mr Keene Quicksand Murder Case 28:38
samp1_59 28.03.1948 Mr President George Washington 29:09
samp1_60 16.08.1950 The Minnesota School Of The Air: Old Tales and New Three Billy Goats Gruff 15:15
samp1_61 06.01.1947 Murder At Midnight Ace Of Death 26:04
samp1_62 21.07.1947 Armed Forces Radio Service: My Friend Irma #015 Piano Lessons For Junior 24:18
samp1_63 -- Mystery is my Hobby Stolen Rembrandts Today’s story plays in New York City. 24:21
samp1_64 25.09.1954 Nightwatch #23 Motel Sheets and Lock Out 28:29
samp1_65 xx.xx.1931 Omar #1 Wizard Of Persia 15:11
samp1_66 -- One Mans Family #77.mp3 13:20
samp1_67 25.12.1949 The Phil Harris Alice Faye Show Jack Benny As Santa 30:25
samp1_68 -- Police HQ Infiltrating the Mob 15:04
samp1_69 -- Quiz Kids What will Dewey wear in the White House 29:29
samp1_70 25.04.1949 Radio City Playhouse Witness For The Prosecution By NBC. 29:00
samp1_71 05.02.1946 Red Skeleton Hospital Capers 29:51
samp1_72 08.05.1945 Roy Rogers #025 Legend Of Pecos Bill By Armed Forces Radio Service. Presented by Goodyear. 28:34
samp1_73 20.04.1926 Samn Henry At the Dentist 03:13
samp1_74 -- Scarlet Pimperial #01 Madame Susan 26:48
samp1_75 03.12.1947 Scarlet Queen 27:42
samp1_76 -- Science Magazine Of The Air 200 000 Flyers The story of the US army air forces and how it grew up to one of the mightiest striking power of the world. 31:00
samp1_77 01.05.1949 Screen Directors Assignment Trouble with Women A comedy by NBC. 30:29
samp1_78 18.11.1948 Sealedtest Variety Theater #10 Cavalcade Gild 29:02
samp1_79 23.12.1951 Silent Men Souvenirs of War 29:40
samp1_80 12.04.1951 Sky King Lady Sheriff Presented by Peter Pan Peanutbutter. 25:46
samp1_81 -- Son of Porthos. After a novel by Alexandre Dumas. 13:02
samp1_82 20.09.1934 Sports Baseball Yankees V D. tigers Part 1 A speaker guides through the game. 44:38
samp1_83 06.05.1948 Straight Arrow Stage To Calvaydos 29:32
samp1_84 12.12.1942 The Strange Dr Weird The Man Who Talked With Death 12:26
samp1_85 15.01.1947 Terry The Pirates Abduction Of Ginger Lee 14:43
samp1_86 25.06.1950 Top Secret #3 A Package In Tangiers By NBC. Top secret stories from international espionage from before and after the second world war. 29:28
samp1_87 02.01.1939 Vic Sade Lodge Regalia Out On Loan 10:55
samp1_88 08.07.1951 The Whisperer Tea Time For Teenagers 25:32
samp1_89 06.03.1933 The Witches Tale Graveyard Mansion 30:18
samp1_90 27.06.1944 Words at War #52 Fair Stood the Winds of France 30:06
samp1_91 -- World Adventurers Club #1 Papua Escape 13:14
samp1_92 06.11.1947 You Are There The Listening Years By CBS. Selected moments of history. 28:40
samp1_93 -- Young Widder Brown Ellen talks to Sister By NBC 13:55
samp1_94 15.07.1944 Your Hit Parade I’ll Be Seeing You 31:07

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