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Riding out of the sunny back lots of Hollywood, All Star Western Theatre delivered Republic Western-style entertainment with chuck wagon sized doses of fine music, broad humor and guest appearances by the best of the West. The music was provided by the Riders of the Purple Sage, fronted by Foy Willing, with the help of Kenny Driver, Al Sloey and Johnny Paul. The group appeared on various shows on radio, including the Andrews Sisters' Eight-to-the-Bar Ranch in '44-'45, and the Roy Rogers Show during the 1946 - 48 period. Western swing was big in those days, and this show has some really fine renditions in that great American music style. - Guest stars such as Johnny Mack Brown came on, and did action sketches and real knee-slapping humor skits. – Duration 29:00-31:00

Astw000.mp3 xx.xx.xxxx Medley (11:50)
Astw001.mp3 11.08.1946 Missy Goes West
Astw002.mp3 18.08.1946 Rose of San Antonne
Astw004.mp3 01.09.1946 Back to old Wyoming
Astw005.mp3 08.09.1946 Dude Ranch Serenade
Astw006.mp3 15.09.1946 Clem Normans Story
Astw007.mp3 22.09.1946 Drifting
Astw008.mp3 29.09.1946 The Cowboy Dentist
Astw009.mp3 06.10.1946 Billy the Kid
Astw010.mp3 13.10.1946 I Came from Texas
Astw011.mp3 20.10.1946 The Man from Alabama
Astw012.mp3 27.10.1946 Alan Lane at Sundown
Astw013.mp3 03.11.1946 The Bandit
Astw014.mp3 10.11.1946 Good Acting Done Cheap
Astw015.mp3 17.11.1946 Down Mexico Way
Astw016.mp3 24.11.1946 From East to West
Astw017.mp3 01.12.1946 The Vought Cowboy
Astw019.mp3 15.12.1946 Star Barbar W Fued
Astw020.mp3 22.12.1946 The Phantom Rider
Astw022.mp3 05.01.1947 Benson City Story
Astw023.mp3 12.01.1947 The Streets of Laredo
Astw024.mp3 19.01.1947 Trail City Murder
Astw025.mp3 26.01.1947 Wild Cow Milking Rodeo
Astw026.mp3 02.02.1947 The Marshall of Redrock
Astw027.mp3 09.02.1947 Way Down Yonder Indian
Astw028.mp3 16.02.1947 Why did I Ever Leave Wyoming
Astw029.mp3 23.02.1947 The Trail to Mexico
Astw030.mp3 02.03.1947 New Mexico Badman
Astw031.mp3 09.03.1947 Alias Mary Smithers
Astw032.mp3 16.03.1947 Cripple Creek Fued
Astw032a.mp3 18.03.1947 Kencard
Astw033.mp3 23.03.1947 Matt Simpsons Murder
Astw034.mp3 30.03.1947 Coopers Unconditional Surrender
Astw034a.mp3 01.04.1947 Kencard
Astw035.mp3 06.04.1947 The Bark Dude Ranch
Astw035a.mp3 08.04.1947 Montyhale
Astw036.mp3 13.04.1946 Texas Adventure
Astw036a.mp3 15.04.1947 Foywilling
Astw037.mp3 20.04.1947 Cattle Drive to Abeliene
Astw037a.mp3 22.04.1947 Jimmy Wakely
Astw038.mp3 27.04.1047 The Lone Bandit
Astw039.mp3 03.05.1947 The Deacon
Astw040.mp3 10.05.1947 Bid for Election
Astw042.mp3 24.05.1947 Little Hoof
Astw043.mp3 31.05.1947 Joey
Astw044.mp3 07.06.1947 Sleepy Weed and Smiley
Astw045.mp3 14.06.1947 Hannah Morgans Son
Astw046.mp3 21.06.1947 The Youngest Dude
Astw046a.mp3 23.06.1947 Foywilling
Astw047.mp3 28.06.1947 Time to Ride
Astw048.mp3 05.07.1947 Lee Hop Celebration
Astw049.mp3 12.07.1947 Loco Louie and East Dude
Astw050.mp3 19.07.1947 Fires of Sherman Point
Astw051.mp3 26.07.1947 The Varmit and the Baby
Astw053.mp3 09.08.1947 Scotty leaves the City
Astw054.mp3 16.08.1947 Heaven is a Star
Astw055.mp3 23.08.1947 Music Excerpts Only
Astw057.mp3 06.09.1947 The Raisin Bee
Astw057a.mp3 08.09.1947 Daleeve Ans
Astw058.mp3 13.09.1947 Cupid’s Agent
Astw061.mp3 04.10.1947 The Banker’s Prisoner
Astw062.mp3 11.10.1947 Young Love Manana Joe
Astw063.mp3 18.10.1947 The Rabbit
Astw064.mp3 25.10.1947 To Settle an Acount
Astw065.mp3 01.11.1947 Life Death and Scotty
Astw066.mp3 08.11.1947 Combination Hard to Beat
Astw067.mp3 15.11.1947 One Man’s Poison
Astw068.mp3 22.11.1947 Back to the Ranch Tomorrow (Title ?)
Astw069.mp3 29.11.1947 Ghost in Little Deer Cany
Astw070.mp3 06.12.1947 The Successful Operation
Astw071.mp3 13.12.1947 Just One Shot
Astw071a.mp3 16.12.1947 Foywilling
Astw072.mp3 20.12.1947 The Wordssigns Fllow
Astw073.mp3 27.12.1947 With Edgar, Charlie, Mortimer
Astw073a.mp3 xx.01.1948 Collean Summers
Astw074.mp3 03.01.1948 The Big Holdup
Astw075.mp3 10.01.1948 Jerry and his Donkey
Astw076.mp3 17.01.1948 Cry Caught the Killer
Astw077.mp3 24.01.1948 The Sheriff
Astw078.mp3 31.01.1948 The Fugitive
Astw078a.mp3 02.02.1948 Jonny MackBrown
Astw079.mp3 07.02.1948 The Golden Spurs
Astw080.mp3 14.02.1948 Hot Buttered Popcorn
Astw081.mp3 21.02.1948 Bus Ride from Santa Theresa
Astw083.mp3 06.03.1948 Apple Pie and Arsenic
Astw094.mp3 13.03.1948 Buries Treasure
Astw085.mp3 20.03.1948 Painted on the Wall
Astw086.mp3 27.03.1948 Cactus is Wonderful
Astw087a.mp3 03.04.1948 Year of the Terrible Blizzard
Astw088.mp3 10.04.1948 Lighte of Buffalo Springs
Astw089.mp3 17.04.1948 Gunsmoke
Astw090.mp3 24.04.1948 Windmill on the River
Astw091.mp3 01.05.1948 Ride of the Rancheros
Astw092.mp3 08.05.1948 Ranch for Sale
Astw093.mp3 15.05.1948 Circus Pitch
Astw095.mp3 29.05.1948 Jockey and the Cowpoke
Astw096.mp3 05.06.1948 Chief Many Horns
Astw097.mp3 12.06.1948 Living Western Style
Astw098.mp3 19.06.1948 Nice Weather Today
Astw099.mp3 26.06.1948 Cactus is Wonderful
Astw101.mp3 10.07.1948 Sunshine Jordan
Astw102.mp3 17.07.1948 Window of Rainbow Valley
Astw105.mp3 07.09.1948 Stony Smith Story
Astw106.mp3 18.08.1948 Jack the Joker

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