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Old Time Radio - Drama - Theater Guild on the Air (87 Episodes)


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"From top-notch writers, United States Steel brings you one of the most popular Broadway drama shows of all time: Theater Guild on the Air”. The show, broadcast by the ABC Network, was produced live and produced both classic and contemporary plays. The United States Steel sponsored the series. Theater Guild on the Air old time radio show originated from the Theatre Guild founded in 1919 by Theresa Helburn, Lawrence Langner, and Armina Marshall. The guild was created to develop theater productions in America and in time produced over 220 plays on Broadway and later traveled around the world. Actress, playwright, and producer Armina Marshall spearheaded the radio show. The Theater Guild on the Air attracted over 10 million radio listeners by 1946. Highlights of the show include “Elizabeth the Queen”, and “Ah, Wilderness”. Big name stars were also attracted to the production with Ingrid Bergman, Marlene Dietrich, Bette Davis, Helen Hayes, Katharine Hepburn, Gene Kelly, Charles Laughton, James Mason, Agnes Moorehead, Basil Rathbone, Jimmy Steward, Elizabeth Taylor and more staring in various episodes. Well written and highly acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, Theater Guild on the Air often stars the original Broadway actors of the plays. - Gesamtliste: linkext. Link

.mp3 yymmdd Title (Duration: 60:00)
002_a 450916 Jacobowsky And The Colonel - Louis Calhern, Annabella - (Franz Werfel)
004_c 450930 The Guardsmen - Alfred Lunt, Lynn Fontanne
005_a 451007 Ah Wilderness - Walter Huston, Jackie Kelp, Eugene O'Neill Jr - (Eugene O’Neill)
007_c 451021 Sing Out, Sweet Land. A Salute to American Folk and Popular Music - Burl Ives, Arthur Godfrey, Phebe Oscarwood, Betty Jane Watson, J. Scott Smart, Will Geer, Josh White, George Hicks, Lawrence Langner, Norman Brokenshire
008_a 451028 At Mrs Beam’s - Paulette Goddard, Burgess Meredith
010_a 451111 Emperor Jones / Where Cross Is Made - Author: Eugene O'Neill - Canada Lee, Boris Karloff, Everett Sloane
011_c 451118 Pride and Prejudice - Joan Fontaine. Adaptor: Arthur Miller (Jane Austen)
012_a 451125 Mornings At Seven - Ralph Morgan, Stuart Erwin, Shirley Booth, Aline MacMahon, Armina Marshall, Eda Geineman, Frank Lovejoy, George Hicks, Leona Roberts (Paul Osborn)
013_a 451202 Elizabeth, the Queen - Alfred Lunt, Lynn Fontanne (Maxwell Anderson)
014_a 451209 Ned McCobb’s Daughter - Alfred Lunt, Shirley Booth (Sidney Howard)
015_a 451216 The Royal Family - Fredrick March, Estelle Winwood (George S. Kaufman and Edna Ferber)
016_a 451223 Little Women - Katharine Hepburn, Oscar Holmoko
017_a 451230 Knickerbocker Holiday – Walter Huston (Musical, Kurt Weill, music; Maxwell Anderson, book and lyrics)
018_a 460106 Three Men On A Horse - Stu Erwin, Shirley Booth, Sam Levene.- Adaptor: Arthur Miller (George Abbott and John Cecil Holm)
019_c 460113 The Silver Cord - Ralph Bellamy, Ruth Hussey, Estelle Winwood (Sidney Howard)
022_c 460203 The Second Man - Alfred Lunt, Peggy Conklin, Jessie Royce Landis (S. N. Behrman)
024_c 460217 On Borrowed Time – Walter Huston (Paul Osborn)
025_a 460224 Dead End - Richard Conte, Alan Baxter, Joan Tetzel (Sidney Kingsley)
026_b 460303 The Show Off - Alfred Lunt, Betty Garde, Helen Shields – 110:00
fehlt 460331 Strange Interlude Part 1 - Lynn Fontanne, Walter Abel, Alfred Shirley030_c.- Author: Eugene O'Neill
031_a 460407 Strange Interlude Part 2 - Lynn Fontanne, Walter Abel, Alfred Shirley.- Author: Eugene O'Neill
032_c 460414 Seven Keys To Baldpate - Walter Pidgeon, Martha Scott (George M. Cohan)
033_a 460421 Green Pastures - Juano Hernandez, Richard Huey, Hall Johnson Choir (Marc ConnellyO
034_a 460428 Mary Of Scotland - Helen Hayes, Helen Menken
035_a 460505 Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary – Gertrude Lawrence
036_a 460512 Payment Deferred - Charles Laughton, Burt Lanchester (Jeffrey F. Dell) - Other Production: 145_b
037_a 460519 They Knew What They Wanted - John Garfield, June Havoc, Leo Carillo (Sidney Howard)
038_a 460526 Boy Meets Girl - Gene Kelly; Frank Lovejoy; Ruth Gilbert (Bella and Sam Spewack)
039_a 460602 Call It A Day - Alfred Lunt, Lynn Fontanne (Dodie Smith)
041_c 460915 You Can’t Take it With You - Josephine Hull, Kenny Delmar (George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart)
043_b 460929 Our Town (poor) - Thornton Wilder, Dorothy McGuire – Author: Thornton Wilder-(Another production: 012_b)
046_a 461020 Green Goddess - Ronald Colman, Anita Louise, Walter Abel (William Archer)
048_a 461103 Last Of Mrs Cheyney - Gertrude Lawrence
050_a 461117 The Man Who Came To Dinner - Fred Allen, Sam Levene (Frederick Lonsdale)
051_c 461124 Burlesque - Bert Lahr, June Havoc (George Manker Watters and Arthur Hopkins)
052_a 461201 A Bill Of Divorcement - James Mason, Penelope Wark (Clemence Dane)
054_a 461215 The Old Maid - Judith Anderson, Helen Menken (Zoe Akins)
055_a 461222 Papa Is All - Oscar Hamolka, Aline MacMahon, Peggy Conklin
057_c 470105 The Great Adventure - Alfred Lunt, Lynn Fontanne
059_a 470119 A Doll’s House - Dorothy Mcguire, Basil Rathbone (Henrik Ibsen)
060_c 470126 Men In White - Burgess Meredith, Marsha Hunt (Sidney Kingsley)
061_a 470202 The Farmer Takes A Wife - William Holden, Claire Trevor, Kenny Delmar (Frank B. Elser and Marc Connelly)
063_b 470216 The Time Of Your Life (poor) - Dane Clark, Mary Anderson, John Lund (William Saroyan)
064_a 470223 Blithe Spirit - Clifton Webb, Leonora Corbett, Mildred Natwick (Noel Coward)
065_a 470302 What Every Woman Knows – Helen Hayes (James Matthew Barrie)
066_a 470309 No Time For Comedy - Frederick March, Florence Eldridge (S. N. Behrman)
068_a 470323 The First Year - Gene Tierney, Betty Garde, Parker Fennelly
069_a 470330 Ladies In Retirement - Fay Bainter, Estelle Winwood, Mildred Dunnock (Reginald Denham and Edward Percy)
070_a 470406 Still Life - Ingrid Bergman, Sam Wanamaker, Peggy Wood (Noel Coward)
071_a 470413 The Importance Of Being Ernest - John Gielgud, Margaret Rutherford – (Oscar Wilde)
072_a 470420 Age Of Innocence - Gene Tierney, Arthur Kennedy (Margaret Ayer Barnes based on Edith Wharton)
073_a 470427 Escape - George Sanders, Penelope Ward
075_a 470511 Macbeth - Maurice Evens, Judith Anderson – (William Shakespeare)
087_a 471012 Cyarno De Bergerac - Fredric March, Florence Eldridge, Ernest Graves, Horace Braham (Edmond Rostand)
088_a 471019 Lady In The Dark - Gertrude Lawrence (Musical, Kurt Weill, Music; Moss Hart, play
094_a 471130 Old English - Charles Laughton
097_c 471214 The Corn Is Green - Helen Hayes (Emlyn Williams)
122_b 480919 For Love Or Money - Joan Caulfield, John Loder
124_b 481003 The Letter (poor) - Marlene Dietrich, Walter Pidgeon
131_b 481121 The Winslow Boy - Frank Allenby, Alan Webb, Valerie White (Terence Rattigan)
136_b 481226 Rip Van Winkle - Fred Allen, Arnold Stang, Thelma Ritter,Arthur Margotson, Billy Lynn, Brad Barker, George Hicks, Harry Bannister, Hiram Sherman, Ian Martin, Kenny Delmar, Mary Wickes, Paul Crabtree, Roger Pryor, Ruth Gilbert, Theresa Helburn
142_b 490206 Beyond The Horizon - John Lund, Richard Widmark, Beatrice Pearson. Author: Eugene O'Neill
145_b 490227 Payment Deferred - Charles Laughton, Jessica Tandy, Elsa Lanchester (Jeffrey F. Dell) - Other Porduction: 36_a
150_b 490402 Camille (poor) - Joan Fontaine, Louis Jourdan
155_b 490508 Of Mice & Men - Burgess Meredith, June Havoc, George Mathews, John Hamilton – 55:00 (John Steinbeck)
014_b 491211 Street Scene - Richard Conte, Shirley Booth, Diana Lynn (Musical. Kurt Weill, Music; Elmer Rice, Book; Langston Hughes, Lyrics)
012_b 500312 Our Town - Elizabeth Taylor, Walter Huston – (Thronton Wilder) (Another production: 043_b)
046_b 501022 A Farewell To Arms (poor) - Joan Fontaine, Humphrey Bogart –(Ernest Hemingway)
048_b 501105 Alice Adams - Judy Garland, Thomas Mitchell (Adaption of Booth Tarkington's novel)
050_b 501119 Doctor Jekyl & Mister Hyde - Frederic March, Barbara Bel Geddes, D. Williams (Robert Lois Stevenson)
055_b 501224 David Copperfield - Boris Karloff, Flora Robeson, Cyril Richard (Charles Dickens)
056_b 501231 State Fair - Van Heflin, Gene Lockhart, June Lockhart – (Other production: 134_b) (Musical, Oscar Hammerstein II, Lyrics; Richard Rodgers, Music)
057_b 510107 The Third Man - Joseph Cotten, Signe Hasso – (Graham Greene)
065_b 510304 Hamlet - John Gielgud, Dorothy McGuire, Pamela Brown – (William Shakespeare) – 90:00
074_b 510506 Candida - Katherine Cornell, Alfred Ryder (George Bernard Shaw)
080_b 510916 The Glass Menagerie - Helen Hayes, Montgomery Clift – (Tennessee Williams) 50:00
085_b 511021 Pygmalion - Alfred Lunt, Lynn Fontanne (George Bernard Shaw)
090_b 511125 Allegro - Jane Powell, John Lund, Kenny Delmar
108_b 520330 An Ideal Husband - Rex Harrison, Lily Palmer, Elliot Reed, George Hicks, Adrian Corey, Malcolm Keene, Madge Elliot, John Merryvale, Stuart Burge, Francis Compton – (Oscar Wilde)
109_b 520406 The Silver Whistle - James Stewart, Diana Lynn
114_c 520525 The Bishop Misbehaves - Charles Laughton, Joseephine Hull, Vanessa Brown (Frederick Jackson)
118_b 520914 The Wisteria Tree (poor) - Helen Hayes, Joseph Cotten
119_b 520921 George Washington Slept Here (AFRS) - Van Heflin, Ann Rutherford, Kenny Delmar (Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman)
127_b 521116 All About Eve - Talulah Bankhead, Beatrice Pearson, Kevin McCarthy,
130_b 521207 The Damask Cheek - Rosalind Russell, Kevin McCarthy (John Van Druten and Lloyd Morris)
133_b 521228 The Unguarded Hour - Nina Foch, Michael Redgrave, George Hicks, Murray Mathson, Malcolm King, John Merrycale, Van Johnson, Felix Debank, Guy Spaul, Sara Burton (Ladislau Fodor)
134_b 530104 State Fair - Van Johnson, Nancy Olson – (Other Production: 056_b) (Musical, Oscar Hammerstein II, Lyrics; Richard Rodgers (Music)
147_b 530405 Great Expectations – Margaret Philips, Boris Karloff, Melville Cooper (Charles Dickens)
150_b 530426 1984 – Richard Widmark – (George Orwell)

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