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"The State Department is infested with communists!" McCarthy is best known for his anti-communist stance during the Cold War where he attempted to root out communist in the State Department, then the Army, then just about everywhere. Eventually he was censured by the Senate for his zealous attacks. -. Joseph McCarthy had humble upbringing on a farm in Wisconsin. He worked his way through college and law school eventually becoming a judge and district attorney. When WWII began, McCarthy volunteered for the Marines at the age of 33.In 1946, Joseph McCarthy won the United States Senate Seat for Wisconsin. On Lincoln's birthday in 1950, McCarthy gave a history changing speech claiming that there were 205 (some reports say 57) communists in the State Department. In the speech he waved a piece of paper claiming to have the guilty names. This speech, though never recorded, set off not only Joseph McCarthy's fame but also one of the notorious events in American History known as McCarthyism. As Joseph McCarthy's popularity grew, his speeches became more and more virulent. In 1950, the Tydings Committee, a subcommittee of the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, was formed to investigate people with communist leanings in the government. He later accused many high statespersons of treason. In 1953, he became of the chairman of the Senate Committee on Government Operations where he expanded his search for communists including checking the card catalogs of library books deemed suspicious. At this time, McCarthy held televised trials against members of Voice of American (VOA).As a household name, Joseph McCarthy was often asked to give speeches during elections and fundraisers. When McCarty began investigating the Army and attempted intimate war heroes, his popularity began to wane in the press and with the public. Edward R. Murrow became a staunch critic of McCarthy and is bombastic methods. Senator McCarthy was a explosive speaker often using profanities and making accusations seemingly off the top of his head. The collection includes many known speeches and audio excerpts by Joseph McCarthy.

yymmdd Subject Duration
500507 Denunciation Of Capital Times Newspaper 05:39
500507 John Stewart Service 05:00
500900 Truman Administration As Commiecrats 01:12
500916 Introductory Joke 00:20
500922 Secretary Of State Dean Acheson 07:40
501023 Fall Of Poland 03:55
501105 Gustavo Duran 05:27
510000 Definition Of McCarthism 00:55
510000 Names On Wheeling List 02:53
510505 War Story writing Letters To Families Of Deceased 05_46
510824 Military Service During WWII 01:28
510910 Marshall Mission To China 03:33
511016 War Being Lost To Communists 01:58
511117 Philip C Jessup 06:54
520203 Owen Lattimore 02:52
520209 Homosexuals In State Department 04:08
520212 Favorite Lincoln Quotation 01:42
520223 Defense Of Methods 01:04
520314 War Storychaplains Last Words 04:22
520317 Barn Story 01:53
520629 Blockade Of Red China 05:05
521009 Denunciation Of Stevenson Campaign Slogan 06:15
521014 Lawrence K Rosinger 06:55
521027 Communism And Candidacy Adlai Stevenson 28:30
530719 Meet the Press 27:00
530828 FBI Role In Investigating Communists 02:56
531021 Skunk Hunting Analogy 02:30
531030 US Relationship With Allies 01:45
31210 Loss Of American Honor 01:43
540000 Attorney Welch And Senator McCarthy 12:08
540000 Edward R Murrow Response To McCasrthy- on ‘See It Now’ 06:31
540129 Government Printing Office And Rothschild 06:27
540204 Communists At Harvard University 04:14
540211 Irving Peress 09:30
540313 Edward R Murrow 10:20
540316 See It Now 30:16
540317 Fight Will Go On 12:56
540406 Prosecution Of Murrow ‘On See It Now’ 26:50
540421 Communists In Defense Industry 02:15
540508 Army Hearings 02:33
540801 Relationship With Gop And Eisenhower 03:05
540828 Loss Of French Indochina 01:05
000001 Excerpt Jackals 00:23
000002 Excerpt McCarthy One And Same 01:16
000003 Excerpt Traitors Are Not Gentleman 00:14

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