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Whispering Streets is a romantic soap-opera drama old time radio serial with a special twist. The stories are told in a somewhat serial format with the next week's story using a minor character's point of view. It is a highly unusual format and quite enjoyable, especially trying to guess which minor character will be the major character in the next week. - Whispering Streets started1958 (?), moved to CBS in 1959 and stayed there until 25 November 1960. It had multiple well-known hostesses/narrators throughout the show's run including Bette Davis, Cathy Lewis, Hope Winslow, Ann Seymour, Gertrude Warner. The most dramatic narrator of the show's run is Bette Davis who begins each show with a "Hell-low" and ends with "Goohdd-bye." Veteran radio soap actress Gertrude Warner, who once played the title roles in old-time radio soaps Ellen Randolph, Joyce Jordan, M.D. (formerly Joyce Jordan, Girl Intern) and Mrs. Miniver, plays Hope and narrates Whispering Streets. Its final episode is considered the curtain-closure for old-time radio soaps. For on that same day, CBS cancelled at last four other vintages: Ma Perkins, The Right to Happiness, Young Doctor Malone, and The Second Mrs. Burton.

43 Episodes (some in inferior sound quality)

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Datei mp3 Titel Dauer
double 57 The Double Amputee 25:22
sudden 57 The Suddenly Soft Heart 24:38
temp 57 The Temporary Butterfly 24:40
dayoff 58 A Day Off To Remember 23:50
jilted 58 Jilted 25:30
wantdie 58 The Man Who Wanted To Die 25:30
stenog 58 The Public Stenographer 23:50
uncle 58 Uncle Ralph 23:50
jennifer 60 Jennifer Evans Wants A Farm 24:00
birthday 60 Best Birthday Ever - Russell Stewardess 23:00
blind 60 Blind Girl - Opal Cummings 23:54
dog 60 Dog Fate Real Estate Agent - Arnold Parker 23:45
dallas 60 Elopement Dallas Thornly 23:40
gossip 60 Gossip That Backfired - Hope Winslow 22:03
felix 60 Gratitude Of Man Kindly Mr. Felix Hogarth 24:00
hate 60 Hateful Mother Allan Ordway Meets His Dad 23:35
ghost 60 Living Ghost Loraine Winthrope Baby Dies 23:26
tyson 60 Marriage For Money Tyson Novaks New Bride 24:00
rachel 60 Memories Sister Rachel Henricks Maid Of Honor 23:40
daniel 60 Moment of Temptation - Daniel Foster 23:30
newfam 60 New Family - Hope Winslow 23:25
woman 60 New Woman Lotty Reforms Waits In Vain 23:54
flame 60 Old Flame - Betty Davis 22:20
orphan 60 Orphan Sgt Mallary Kate Cronin Get 2nd Chance 24:10
revking 60 Reverend Kingsleys Retirement 24:10
leanon 60 Someone To Lean On Irresponsible John Stillman 23:40
quinn 60 Throwback To Youth Quinn Pearson 22:25
homicid 611029 Homicidal Jealousy 19:10
love Afraid To Love - Betty Davis 25:30
airline Airline Stewardess - Betty Davis 29:05
andre Andre - Betty Davis 28:20
anne Anne Dearborn - Betty Davis 26:00
career Career Girl - Hope Winslow 24:00
disill Disillusioned - Betty Davis 26:00
writer Ghost Writer - Betty Davis 29:20
hole Hole In One - Betty Davis 26:30
cupid Hundred Dollar Bill From Cupid 23:50
encore Lie Always Has An Encore - Betty Davis 25:00
minister Ministers Calling - Hope Winslow 25:30
office Office Romance 25:00
desp The Desperado 24:35
notdie The Woman Who Wouldn't Die 24:30
flower Through A Lonley Flower 24:15

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