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This collection includes Science Fiction listener favorites from a wide range of Old Time Radio classic series. From Lights Out to favorites such as Mysterious Traveler and Quite Please Though many of these series are better known for other genres such as horror, drama, and others, their endeavors into the adaptable field of science fiction proves successful. H.G. Wells mind-boggling story The Time Machine about the 19th century scientist who discovered a way to travel through time 100,000 years into the future is performed on Escape. Lux Radio’s The Day the Earth Stood Still presents the famous story about the day that aliens invaded Earth is also included in this fine collection. Nathanial Hawthorne’s short story Dr. Heidegger's Experiment on Favorite Story questions the marvels of modern medical science and examines the consequence of a medicinal version of the fountain of youth. Also included are some very rare shows Cloud Nine and Planet Man .
Lights Out debuted in 1934 and was radio's premier horror series created by writer/director Wyllis Cooper, a innovative radio writer who worked on other notable shows such as The Emperor Builder and Quiet Please. Lights Out was one of the first old time radio shows that developed the medium of radio with distinct sound effects and dramas intended to be heard. Cooper was succeeded by Arch Oboler, one of radio's greatest dramatic talents. He brought a new level of psychological horror to radio into the scripts.
The show featured shows ranging from science fiction, fantasy, horror, to crime drama.
Mysterious Traveler had no sponsor through the entire run of the series. Written and directed by Robert Arthur and David Kogan, the radio series began on the Mutual Broadcasting System, December 5, 1943 and ran until September 16, 1952.
”Tired of the everyday grind? Ever dream of a life of … romantic adventure? Want to get away from it all? We offer you … ESCAPE! The famous opening to the show, often worded to suit the events of the moment or season, warns the intrepid radio listener of adventure that is anything but... everyday. Like its sister show on the radio, Suspense, it is considered one of the top shows ever done on radio. Producer-directors of the show included William N. Robson (Suspense) and Norman McDonald (Gunsmoke), both masters of the craft of radio realism and action adventure, laced with thrills and chills. Escape's writers (including Ray Bradbury), music and sound effects all wove magic into these half-hour episodes, many of which were based on great writer's tales.

.mp3 Series Date Episode/Title Duration
starr Captain Starr Of Space Queen Nilo   Incident  
cloud Cloud Nine 500314 Paris  
esc_01 Escape 480222 036 (EC) How Love Came To Professor Guildea  
esc_02 Escape 480509 052 The Time Machine  
esc_03 Escape 480919 066 The Man Who Could Work Miracles  
esc_04 Escape 490305 070 Conqueror's Isle  
esc_05 Escape 490326 075 Adaptive Ultimate  
esc_06 Escape 500207 109 Outer Limit  
esc_07 Escape 500331 116 Green Splotches  
esc_08 Escape 500602 125 Mars Is Heaven  
esc_09 Escape 510725 159 The Earthmen  
esc_10 Escape 530329 189 The Invader  
esc_11 Escape 530823 210 The Man From Tomorrow  
esc_12 Escape 531004 216 Zero Hour  
fav_01 Favorite Story 470920 002 Diamond Lens  
fav_02 Favorite Story 480515 035 Dr Heideggers Experiment  
fav_03 Favorite Story 490528 089 Time Machine  
hall_01 Hall Of Fantasy 530727 Automaton  
hall_02 Hall Of Fantasy 530810 Man From The Second Earth  
hall_03 Hall Of Fantasy 530420 022 Out Of Sky  
holly Hollywood Star Playhouse 520907 029 The Tenth Planet  
lights_01 Lights Out 380126 Oxychloride X  
lights_02 Lights Out 421013 Revolt of the Worms  
lights_03 Lights Out 421222 Meteor Man (The Hungry Ones)  
lights_04 Lights Out 430831 Immortal Gentleman (Live Forever)  
lights_05 Lights Out 450728 The Rocket Ship  
lux_01 lux 540104 863 The Day The Earth Stood Stilll  
lux_02 lux 550208 910 War of the Worlds  
murder Murder Midnight 500717 Terror out of Space  
myst_01 Mysterious Traveler 440227 The Good Die Young  
myst_02 Mysterious Traveler 441007 043 The Man the Insects Hated  
myst_03 Mysterious Traveler 461229 If You Believe  
myst_04 Mysterious Traveler 480622 Zero Hour  
myst_05 Mysterious Traveler 490802 215 Planet Zevius  
myst_06 Mysterious Traveler 491011 The Last Survivor  
nbc NBC Short Story 520104 026 The Rocket  
planet_01 Planet Man   013  
planet_02 Planet Man   053  
proud_01 Proudly We Hail 511209 166 Terror At Polgar  
proud_02 Proudly We Hail 520106 170 A Matter Of Time  
quiet_01 QuietPlease 470727 006 I Remember Tomorrow  
quiet_02 QuietPlease 471006 018 Not Enough Time  
quiet_03 QuietPlease 480202 035 Pathetic Fallacy  
quiet_04 QuietPlease 480614 054 Not Responsible After 30 Years  
quiet_05 QuietPlease 480726 058 The Man Who Stole A Planet  
quiet_06 QuietPlease 480809 060 The Thing on the Fourble Board  
quiet_07 QuietPlease 481003 068 Meet John Smith  
quiet_08 QuietPlease 481107 073 Adam And The Darkest Day  
quiet_09 QuietPlease 481121 075 One For The Book  
quiet_10 QuietPlease 48120 077 A Very Unimportant Person  
quiet_11 QuietPlease 490508 099 The Other Side Of The Stars  
quiet_12 QuietPlease 490522 101 The Oldest Man In The World  
quiet_13 QuietPlease 490625 106 Quiet Please  
guild Radio Guild   The Man Who Was Tomorrow  
rcp RCP 490613 How Love came to Prof Guildea  
sealed Sealed Book 470729 BewareOfTomorrow  

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