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zoomSteve Takacs, OE13BR:
"This picture is me as OE13BR in the field and the rest are as operator at OE13USA. The 3 element beam was a homemade out of wood and alu elements. Note the old BC610E at OE13USA. The station was set up at the post telephone office at Camp Roeder, Salzburg which also contained all the switching equipment for the post telephone system (rotary switches). Antennas were the beam plus a loaded tower for 80 meters and miscellaneous dipoles, nothing very fancy. Most operation was on 20 meter AM to the States. I operated mainly from the field van with the old 50 watt BC191 (??) and BC348 receiver (??). I remember listeneing to the USA stations in the field at 3am in the morning on 80 meter AM but never worked any since I only had a 3 meter whip antenna.
[E-Mail, August 2005]

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