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Die USA greifen ein (3): 'Radio Free Afghanistan'

Die USA greifen ein (3): 'Radio Free Afghanistan'zoomDie USA greifen ein (3): Radio Free Afghanistan
Radio Free Afghanistan is a radio service broadcast by the United States government in Afghanistan, an extension of the Radio Free Europe program (broadcasting from Prague). It has existed during two separate periods: from 1985 to 1993, it broadcast anti-Soviet messages in order to encourage resistance to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan; from 2002 to the present, it broadcasts messages to encourage a transition to democratic government following the October 2001 U.S. invasion of Afghanistan. "Radio Free Afghanistan" No Longer Used Onair July 20, 2005 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Free" is "Azadi" in Dari as well as Pashto, and is also translated as "Liberty". "Ashna" means "Voice" in both languages. VOA's "Radio Ashna" for Afghanistan thus means "Radio Voice". The RFE/RL service for Afghanistan is called "Azadi Radio" in Dari and Pashto; a proper translation would be "Radio Liberty". The label "Radio Free Afghanistan" is no longer used on-air. (B.Trutenau-LTU Jul 20, 2005 in DXLD- ML)
Languages Dari, Pashto Identification (Pashto) Da Azad Afghanistan Radyo (Dari) Radyo Afghanistani Azad January 1, 2005 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Article originally posted at: linkext. Link

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