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British Old Time Radio - Drama - The Scarlet Pimpernel


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Datei Datum Inhalt Dauer
scarlet_01 o.D. Madame Susan Floey 26:48
scarlet_02 o.D. Duke de Montreu and Daughter Escape 25:34
scarlet_03 o.D. Jean Pierre Lamond Is to Be Guillotined 29:55
scarlet_04 o.D. Escape of Duchess Marguerite 24:21
scarlet_05 o.D. Emily Rumbolt's Father 26:07
scarlet_06 o.D. Rescuing the Servants of the Royal Palace 25:25
scarlet_07 o.D. Sir Percy Impersonates Leclair 24:43
scarlet_08 o.D. French Ambassador Ramon Du Loc 25:12
scarlet_09 o.D. Susan Lemoreau 29:29
scarlet_10 o.D. Robbing and Killing of Accused Traitors 29:59
scarlet_11 o.D. A Traitor at the Crossroads 25:15
scarlet_12 o.D. Lt. Jean Soule Smuggles Gold 24:37
scarlet_13 o.D. Blackmailing English Gentlemen 25:26
scarlet_14 o.D. Madelaine De Long's Brother 29:56
scarlet_15 o.D. Viscount De Ville Is to Be Executed 30:01
scarlet_16 o.D. Plot to Murder the English Prince 25:25
scarlet_17 o.D. Disguised As a French Ship 24:21
scarlet_18 o.D. Tricked by Marchiones Devon 26:00
scarlet_19 o.D. Rescue of Admiral Lanning 25:25
scarlet_20 o.D. Andre Pinard French Prisoner 25:40
scarlet_21 o.D. Helping the Spanish Escape the French 24:36
scarlet_22 o.D. Rescuing English Children From the Bel 25:45
scarlet_23 o.D. Tony Dewhurst Is Missing 25:03
scarlet_24 o.D. League Guards - John Sykes 25:13
scarlet_25 o.D. A Break in the Chain 28:45
scarlet_26 o.D. Murder on the Beach 27:59
scarlet_27 o.D. Setting a Trap for a Swindler 28:11
scarlet_28 o.D. Reward for the Capture of Tony Dewhurst 30:04
scarlet_29 o.D. The Countess Lucille Destramont 25:28
scarlet_30 o.D. The General's Necklace 26:22
scarlet_31 o.D. New Recruits Are Needed by the League 27:39
scarlet_32 o.D. The Man in the Mask 25:22
scarlet_33 o.D. Mayor Wrongfully Accuses Six Men 27:34
scarlet_34 o.D. Margot Verculot's Husband Is Imprisoned 27:43
scarlet_35 o.D. Rescuing an Old Friend and Betrayal 27:24
scarlet_36 o.D. Sir Basil North and the Club 27:52
scarlet_37 o.D. Janet's Young Man 24:41
scarlet_38 o.D. Margot Veradot Seeks Tony's Help 26:22
scarlet_39 o.D. The Butcher of Paris 26:48
scarlet_40 o.D. Allies 25:26
scarlet_41 o.D. The Rescue of Dr. Minote From Prison 25:47
scarlet_42 o.D. Chain Is Broken Again 26:11
scarlet_43 o.D. Sir Percy Has Been Captured 25:20
scarlet_44 o.D. The General's Son 26:21
scarlet_45 o.D. A Firing Squad for Tony 26:39
scarlet_46 o.D. Affairs of the Heart 26:52
scarlet_47 o.D. A Love Triangle Setup 26:15
scarlet_48 o.D. Secrets and the Countess 27:14
scarlet_49 o.D. In Pursuit of Colonel Drury 25:51
scarlet_50 o.D. Ghosts of Martin's Folly 27:24

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