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otr_jerryzoomIn 1937-38 Bruce Eells and his Broadcasters Program Syndicate put together a pair of charming serials about an orphaned boy, Jerry Dugan. - Jerry is all alone in the world except for his dog, Rags. Just before Jerry’s Dad passed away he writes a letter to Mr. Randall, owner of the Randall Brother’s Circus. He asks that if anything happens to him, he hopes that Mr. Randall will take in Jerry. He states in the letter that Jerry “has Circus in his blood.” Jerry is quickly befriended by most of the circus performers and crew, especially Bumps the Clown. The knife-thrower, Lorenz, is the exception. He takes an immediate dislike to Jerry and especially Rags. Bumps comes to the rescue by making Rags a part of his act. Another good friend of Jerry’s is Decker, part of the knife throwing act and an animal trainer. We learn that Lorenz has some sort of hold over Decker involving bribery and blackmail. Part of Decker’s problem is a case of amnesia- when he recovers he realizes that he is Jerry’s long lost uncle!The radio circus is a good life, but really no place for a bright boy with great potential to grow up. Decker is about to go on a hunting expedition and has Mr. Randall legally made Jerry’s guardian. Together they decide that the best thing for Jerry is to enroll him in a Military Academy which leads to further adventure: Jerry at Fair Oaks.- Characters: Jerry Dougan; Rags, Jerry's dog; Mr. Randall - owner of the Circus (Linsey McHarrie); Bumps, the clown (Howard Mcnear); Patsy - the trapeze artist (Elvis Aldman); Jason - the large cat trainer; Carmen Bandini, tightrope walker; Major Mike who regards himself as the star attraction; Decker/Dan Dougan who turns out to be Jerry's uncle; Lorenz - the knife-throwing who controls Decker through bribery; Clara , the costumer; Johnny Bradley, Shakespearean clown.

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Datei.mp3 Inhalt Dauer
jotc001 Letter For Sam Randall 14:43
jotc002 Poisoned Meat Put Out 14:20
jotc003 Rags Is Missing 14:43
jotc004 Jerry In Jail 14:32
jotc005 Jason Pays The 2200 14:33
jotc006 Rags In Training 14:37
jotc007 Circus Payroll Stolen 14:52
jotc008 The Gun Is Jasons 14:08
jotc009 Lorenz Is Suspected 14:27
jotc010 Lorenz And Decker Leave 14:19
jotc011 Both In The Hospital 14:21
jotc012 A Possible Relation 14:28
jotc013 Decker Is Uncle Dan 14:37
jotc014 Uncle Dan Is Cleared 14:19
jotc015 Helping Clara 14:04
jotc016 Night Check 14:31
jotc017 Camera Plan 14:24
jotc018 The Prowler Is Aga 14:33
jotc019 Showdown With Major Mike 14:36
jotc020 Johnny Bradley Is Ill 14:31
jotc021 The Tent With A Flag 14:37
jotc022 Safe Deposit Box Key 14:21
jotc023 Jerrys Clown Debut 14:33
jotc024 Johnny Stays On The Payroll 14:29
jotc025 Rags Leg Is Clawed By Cub 14:36
jotc026 Jerry Learns To Walk The High Wire 14:33
jotc027 Up Early To Watch The Circus Set U 14:33
jotc028 High Wire Breaks And Carlos Is Hur 14:34
jotc029 Railroad Bridge Problems For Circus 14:32
jotc030 Major Mike Locked In Monkey Cage 14:18
jotc031 Jerry Learns Location Of Bank 14:34
jotc032 Bank Found But Will The Key Work 14:30
jotc033 Jerrys Lawyer Is Son Of Clown 14:32
jotc034 A Gale Threatens The Circus 14:24
jotc035 Hippo With A Toothache 14:16
jotc036 Lawyer Invite Johnny To A Party 14:29
jotc037 Richard Grayson Sees His Father 14:20
jotc038 Johnny Decides To Visit His Son 14:35
jotc039 Johnny Visits His Son In His Office 14:36
jotc040 Zeke Causes Trouble With Gertie 14:33
jotc041 Zeke Leaves The Circus Fast 14:33
jotc042 Wanted Poster Seen In Post Office 14:34
jotc043 Jerry Walks Wire Lion Gets Loose 14:12
jotc044 Lion Is Finally Cornered 14:02
jotc045 Lion Captured Jerry Hears Fm Lawye 14:31
jotc046 Loose Snake Jerry Rides Splendor 14:30
jotc047 Spike Saves Jerry But Who Is Spike 14:19
jotc048 Jerrys Court Action Is Delayed 14:34
jotc049 Jerry Rescues Splendor 14:34
jotc050 Spike Is Recognized 14:33
jotc051 Spike Is Arrested 14:04
jotc052 A Hospital Show 14:24
jotc053 Major Mike Loses 14:30
jotc054 Fortunes Told 14:31
jotc055 Johnny Will Leave 14:29
jotc056 Fire Breaks Out 14:28
jotc057 Fire Put Out 14:14
jotc058 Trunk Search 14:23
jotc059 A 500 Vest 14:18
jotc060 Caught In The Act 14:28
jotc061 A Search For Platt 14:32
jotc062 Platt Is Arrested 14:33
jotc063 Tom Joins The Circus 14:33
jotc064 Lights Go Off 14:30
jotc065 Threatening Notes 14:29
jotc066 El Mundo Doesn’t Obey 14:29
jotc067 Jerry And El Mundo 14:21
jotc068 The Lost Beard 14:32
jotc069 Jerry Won’t Tell 14:32
jotc070 Major Mike Confesses 14:28
jotc071 A Wild Ride 14:29
jotc072 Bendinis Get Offer 14:29
jotc073 A Lead For Tom 14:32
jotc074 Colonel Alger Has The Measles 14:33
jotc075 An Exam For All 14:22
jotc076 Strawberry Rash 14:30
jotc077 Tom Finds His Father 14:29
jotc078 Blaze Is Slow 14:11
jotc079 Warren Quits 14:28
jotc080 Race About To Start 14:31
jotc081 Blaze Wins The Race 14:31
jotc082 Spike Rejoins The Circus 14:26
jotc083 An Abandoned Kitten 14:30
jotc084 Counterfeit Money Passed 14:29
jotc085 Forty 1000 Bills Passed 14:36
jotc086 Joe Hadley Hired 14:33
jotc087 Spike Is Suspected 14:33
jotc088 Patsy Accepts A Date 14:31
jotc089 Belco Suspected 14:31
jotc090 Spike Suspected More 14:31
jotc091 Hadley Arrests Spike 14:31
jotc092 Tony Tonetti Spotted 14:32
jotc093 Hadley Arrests Belco 14:31
jotc094 Circus Lot Floods 14:08
jotc095 Fake Invitation Sent To Boris 14:09
jotc096 Boris Gets The Invitation 14:32
jotc099 Fast Landing 14:27
jotc100 A Bet For Dan 14:29
jotc101 Too Many Monkeys 14:28
jotc102 11700 Receipt Increase 14:26
jotc103 Restless Animals 14:24
jotc104 Storm Warnings 14:25
jotc105 Circus Hit By Cyclone 14:28
jotc106 Borrowing 2500000 14:25
jotc107 Patsy Leaves Early 14:25
jotc108 Jerry Inherits Forty Acres 14:24
jotc109 Boris And Jason Fight 14:23
jotc110 Patsy Wins 2500000 14:24
jotc111 Boris Eyes The Money 14:28
jotc112 Jason Is Clawed By The Cat 14:28
jotc113 Jason Quickly Recover 14:27
jotc114 Boris Starts Dissension 14:43
jotc115 A Strike Is Possible 14:24
jotc116 The Strike Begins 14:23
jotc117 Strikers Are Worried 14:26
jotc118 The Strike Ends 14:25
jotc119 A New Scheme By Boris 14:24
jotc120 Rex Runs Away 14:23
jotc121 Speed Demonstrates 14:20
jotc122 Advice For Patsy 14:21
jotc123 Spud Is Hired Boris Has New Plot 14:21
jotc124 Spuds Tricks Fool Jerry 14:32
jotc125 Spuds Bad Trick 14:33
jotc126 Financial Troubles For Mr Randall 14:32
jotc127 Patsy Loans The Circus 2000000 14:35
jotc128 Jerry Sells His Land For 750000 14:34
jotc129 Jerry Picks Fair Oaks As His School 14:27
jotc130 Jerry Leaves The Circus 14:39

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