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Old Time Radio - Drama - A Man Called X


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Datei/ Datum Audio Files Dauer
1948-02-01 One Way to Macassar; Ken Thurston and Pegan Zellschmidt board a cargo liner for the East Indies, in an attempt to capture an international criminal known only as "The Fish Peddler", and his, or her, gang 21:37
1950 10 27    
  Journey to Xenephon; A doctor researching a cure for cancer is murdered, and the radioactive isotopes he ordered has been stolen, so the man called X travels to Greece to solve the case 25:55
1950-12-30 Rhythm of Death 21:54
1951-04-28 Terror Across The Nation 24:02
1951-05-25 A Man a Girl and a Plot 20:31
1951-06-22 Vienna; Mr. Thurson becomes involved in Cold War intrigue in Vienna when he learns of a family dispute over the control of a pro western newspaper, run by friends of his. 23:49
1952-02-05 The Clicking Buddah 21:41
o.D. Five Ounces Of Treason 28:55
o.D. Japanese Underground 28:59
1952-02-19 A Man Called X 25:30
1952-02-19 Half Penny Stamp 25:30
1952-02-26 A Ton of Dynamite; Mister X is assigned to stop the sabotage of the construction of an important waterway in Venezuela 24:24

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