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Old Time Radio - Mystery & Adventure - ABC Mystery Time


Hosted by Don Dowd and starring Sir Laurence Olivier, ABC Mystery Time made listeners gasping. Accented by creepy organ rips, you will hear stories of when death gathers round the card table at a local chapter of The Suicide Club, a man who desperately tries to hire a 24 hour bodyguard all the while trying to make himself the victim of a murder, and other baffling peculiar tales of yore. Also known as Mystery Time and Mystery Time Classics.
Duration: 24:00 – Dates of transmission unknown
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Datei Datum Titel Dauer
mys_01 1956-06-07 The Suicide Club 21:47
mys_02 - Death By Proxy 24:01
mys_03 - Death Walked In 22:27
mys_04 - Four Fatal Jugglers 24:01
mys_05 - Four Time Loser 22:25
mys_06 - Half An Hour 19:41
mys_07 - Murder In Haste 19:57
mys_08 - My Adventure In Norfork 24:01
mys_09 - No One Will Ever Know 21:02
mys_10 - Sucess Story 20:57
mys_11 - The Overcoat 23:49
mys_12 - The Picture Of Dorian Gray 24:00
mys_13 - The Tale 23:42

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