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Space Patrol is a science fiction adventure, aimed at juvenile audiences of the early 1950s via television, radio, and comic books. The Space Patrol television show began as a 15-minute show on a local (Los Angeles) station on March 9, 1950. On December 30, 1950, a half-hour show was added on Saturdays on ABC (while the 15-minute show continued daily locally, and was seen via kinescope in a few other cities). A 1953 30-minute episode was the subject of the first US experimental 3D-TV broadcast on April 29 in Los Angeles on ABC affiliate KECA-TV.
Space Patrol aired continuously until July 2, 1954; after a short break, it reappeared on September 4, 1954, and it finally disappeared from the air on February 26, 1955. 210 half-hour shows were made, and close to 900 15-minute shows over Space Patrol's 5-year run.
The success of the TV show spawned a radio version, which ran from 18 September 1950 to 19 March 1955. The writers, scripts, adventures and director were quite similar between the radio and TV incarnations. Although there was never any deliberate crossing-over of storylines, TV villains showed up on the radio Ed Kemmer played Commander Buzz Corey of the United Planets Space Patrol with vigor and enthusiasm. His sidekick was Cadet Happy, portrayed by Lyn Osborn as something of a futuristic Robin, with lines like "Smokin' rockets, Buzz!" Together they blast off on their ship Terra V to patrol the vast reaches of "outer" space. Of course, a lot of boys thought they might grow up to be like Cadet Happy. Girls liked Carol Karlyle, played by Virginia Hewitt, who was the daughter of a very important leader of the United Planets and was in on the adventures.Virginia Hewitt performed the role of Carol Karlyle. Of course, there were space bad guys. The evil Mister Proteus was one of the worst. Others were Dr. Ryland Scarno, an evil scientist, and Prince Baccarritti, AKA The Black Falcon. All have space thugs. There was a bad and beautiful space woman also. Nina Bara played the beautiful Tonga in the best space opera fashion. She was one of the first vamps on TV, and Gene Roddenberry must have been watching. (notably Prince Bacarratti), and during the Planet X story arc both TV and radio explored the rogue planet. While the series lacked the adult sophistication of such shows as X Minus One (which focused on adapting short fiction by notable genre names as Robert A. Heinlein and Ray Bradbury), Space Patrol was enjoyed as the sort of Golden Age space opera popularized in the 1930s, the days of science fiction's infancy, by pioneering magazine editor Hugo Gernsback, and it is prized by OTR collectors today as one of radio's most enjoyable adventures.

.mp3 YYMMDD Title Duration
hole 1952-10-25 The Hole in Empty Space 29:00
sun 1952-11-08 City of the Sun 28:00
queen 1952-11-15 Queen of Space 29:00
giant 1952-11-22 The Giant Bubble 29:00
burg 1952-11-29 The Electronic Burglar 28:00
shark 1952-12-06 The Space Shark 29:00
aster 1952-12-13 The Search for Asteroid X 28:00
lady 1952-12-20 The Lady from Venus 28:00
last 1952-12-27 The Last Voyage of the Lonesome Lena 29:00
bank 1953-01-03 The Brain Bank and the Space Binoculars 29:00
sleep 1953-01-10 The Sleepwalker 29:00
scave 1953-01-24 The Scavengers of Space 29:00
ray 1953-01-31 The Top Secret D-Ray 29:00
crash 1953-02-07 Crash Landing 29:00
meteo 1953-02-14 The Mysterious Meteor 29:00
moon 1953-02-21 The Moon Beetles 29:00
gift 1953-02-28 The Strange Gift of the New Star) 28:00
zelda 1953-03-07 The Seed Crystals of Zeldabran 28:00
pict 1953-03-13 The Magic Space Pictures 28:00
cave 1953-03-21 The Caverns of Venus 28:00
city 1953-03-28 The Forgotten City 28:00
pluto 1953-04-25 The Prisoner of Pluto 28:00
fact 1953-05-02 The Venus Space Factory 29:00
detec 1953-05-09 The Cosmic Ray Detector 30:00
sublev 1953-05-16 The Secret of Sub-Level 7 30:00
treach 1953-05-23 Treachery in Outer Space 29:00
brain 1953-05-30 The Immortal Brain 30:00
germ 1953-06-20 The Indestructible Germ 30:00
treasure 1953-06-26 The Treasure of Planetoid-6 29:00
saturn 1953-08-01 The Sleeping Demon of Saturn 30:00
trouble 1953-08-08 Trouble Aboard the Supernova 29:00
peril 1953-08-15 Peril over Jupiter 29:00
menace 1953-08-22 The Menace of Planet X 29:00
trap 1953-08-29 The Trap on Planet X 29:00
valley 1953-09-05 The Valley of Dread 29:00
escape 1953-09-12 Escape from Planet X 29:00
spies 1953-09-19 The Spies from Planet X 29:00
target 1953-09-26 Target Jupiter 29:00
return 1953-10-03 Return to Planet X 29:00
icecap 1953-10-10 On the Ice Cap of Planet X 30:00
rescue 1953-10-17 Rescue from Planet X 29:00
secret 1953-10-24 The Secret of Adargo Ruins 29:00
iron 1953-10-31 Iron Eaters of Planet X 29:00
cyclone 1953-11-07 Cyclone in Outer Space 29:00
sea 1953-11-14 Under the Sea of Planet X 29:00
monster 1953-11-21 Sea Monster of Planet X 29:00
revolt 1953-11-28 Revolt of the Space Rats 29:00
weapon 1953-12-05 Baccaratis Secret Weapon 29:00
condor 1953-12-12 The Lost Condor 29:00
tulania 1953-12-19 Venus Tulania Mystery 29:00
dimens 1953-12-26 The Lost Dimension 29:00
wizard 1954-01-02 Wistful Wizard of Neptunes Moon 29:00
claw 1954-01-09 The Claw of Venus 29:00
martian 1954-01-23 Martian Masquerade 29:00
rocob 1954-01-30 Treasure of Mount Rocob 29:00
invisib 1954-02-04 The Invisible Enemy 29:00
yeager 1954-02-13 Revenge of Dr Yeager 29:00
serpents 1954-02-27 Serpents of Saturn 29:00
test 1954-03-13 Test for Survival 29:00
borodeck 1954-03-20 Secret of Dr Borodeck 29:00
zeroray 1954-03-27 The Zero Ray 29:00
balmer 1954-04-03 Superbrain of Balmer Castro 29:00
xk3 1954-04-10 Tests of the Xk3 30:00
image 1954-04-17 Image of Evil 29:00
haggart 1954-05-08 Captain Haggarts Planetoid 30:00
voyager 1954-05-22 Strange Voyager 30:00
demon 1954-05-29 The Red Demon of Venus 29:00
masked 1954-06-05 Mystery of the Masked Martian 29:00
tattoed 1954-06-12 The Tattoed Atom 30:00
cavern 1954-06-19 Cavern of Fear 29:00
timerace 1954-06-26 Race against Time 29:00
vortena 1954-07-03 The Robot of Vortena 29:00
terror 1954-07-10 Trial by Terror 29:00
atoms 1954-08-14 The Counterfit Atoms 29:00
formula 1954-08-21 Formula for Crime 29:00
design 1954-09-11 Design for Danger 29:00
prisoners 1954-09-18 Prisoners of Tiranna 30:00
invasion 1954-09-25 Invasion from Tiranna 29:00
future 1954-10-02 Voice from the Future 29:00
realm 1954-10-30 Realm of the Robot 29:00
fright 1954-11-13 The Frightened Robot 29:00
enemy 1954-12-04 The Invisible Enemy 29:00
doom 1954-12-11 The City of Hidden Doom 30:00
neptune 1954-12-18 Escape from Neptune 29:00
galaxy 1954-12-25 The Lost Galaxy 30:00
ambush 1955-01-01 Ambush in Space 28:00
prison 1955-01-08 Prison Planet 29:00
dargeeda 1955-01-15 The Crown of Dargeeda 28:00
hardu 1955-01-22 The Shadow of Shardu 29:00
discord 1955-01-29 The Planet of Discord 29:00
conquest 1955-02-05 The Conquest of Dargeeda 29:00
hermit 1955-02-12 The Hermit of Pluto 29:00
pirate 1955-02-19 The Time Pirates 29:00
futurevoy 1955-02-26 Voyage to the Future 28:00
pastmonst 1955-03-05 The Monster from the Past 29:00
despair 1955-03-12 The Weed of Despair 29:00
telarna 1955-03-19 The Fugitive from Telarma 29:00

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