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The Cinnamon Bear was produced by Transco (Transcription Company of America), based in Hollywood, California. The series was specifically designed to be listened to six days a week between Thanksgiving and Christmas.It was first broadcast between Friday, November 26 and Saturday December 25, 1937. Some markets like Portland, Oregon jumped the gun, debuting the program on November 25, Thanksgiving Day. In the first season, Portland broadcast the program on two stations, KALE at 6:00pm and KXL at 7:00pm. Story: Judy and Jimmy Barton are searching for the Silver Star for the top of their Christmas tree. The star has disappeared and during the search they meet The Cinnamon.
Jonathan Thomas And His Christmas on the Moon was a similar series 1938 - linkext. Link

Jerry of the Circus was a 1937 syndicated radio serial broadcast for a juvenile audience in 130 15-minute episodes. The series followed the adventures of Jerry Dougan and his dog Rags with the Randall Brothers Circus from the time of his father's death in the spring to the end of that year's performance season. Jerry Dougan's adventures continued in the 1937 serial Jerry at Fair Oaks. Characters: Jerry Dougan - orphan who joins the Randall Brothers Circus when his father dies; Rags - Jerry's dog; Mr. Randall - owner of the Randall Brothers Circus; Bumps - the clown Jerry bunks with; recruits Jerry's dog Rags for his act; Patsy - the trapeze artist of the circus; Jason - the large cat trainer; Carmen Bandini - tightrope walker who leaves the circus for Hollywood; Major Mike - the little person who regards hmself as the star attraction on the midway; Decker/Dan Dougan - the kindly circus performer who turns out to be Jerry's big-game hunter uncle suffering from amnesia; Lorenz - the knife-throwing who controls Decker through bribery; Clara - the costumer; Johnny Bradley - Shakesperean clown.Bear, who flies them to Maybeland where the adventures really begin.

Flash Gordon blasted into amazing inter-planetary adventures on California radio in 1935, thrilling West Coast whiz kids and adults alike. Gale Gordon, whose career spans decades (as well as galaxies), plays all-star American athlete Flash. Meanwhile, back in outer space - Flash is accompanied by his beautiful American sweetheart, Dale Arden, and Dr. Zarkoff, a great scientist. Our heroes fly to the planet Mongo, ruled by Ming, a merciless dictator who threatens his world with weapons of mass destruction. (Sound familiar? It did in 1935 too...) Sadly, we don't know who played Dale, but Ming was portrayed by Bruno Wick... a great name in itself. The Flash franchise has offered inspiration for many creative imaginations. The Hearst 32-page Comic Weekly comic strip featured the wonderful artistry of Alex Raymond, and the fine Republic Serial series of Flash Gordon adventures starring the most excellent Flash, Larry "Buster" Crabbe flying wonderfully clunky sparkler-driven rocket ships. In the last of the shows, which seems to now be lost, Flash and pals land back on Earth in the jungle, and hook up with Jungle Jim (another Hearst property)…who thus begin his own adventurous serial career on radio.

Tarzan ranks in the pantheon of American hero characters, although real fans would tell you Tarzan was an Englishman. His author, Edgar Rice Burroughs, was an American born to a prosperous family in Chicago, who before Tarzan led a life full of failures. At the age of 35 he began writing - firmly convinced that he could write as well as most pulp fiction magazines required with absolutely no prior experience in the field. Burroughs succeeded beyond his widest dreams with Tarzan of the Apes, published in 1914. He wrote the Tarzan novels, and many other novel series as well. All was fantasy adventure fiction for the masses. Burroughs himself was involved in the production of the first of the Tarzan radio serials, Tarzan of the Apes. It is considered to be the first major syndicated radio serial, and was popular from the start. This first serial gave the story of Tarzan and his background, and was very true to the novel. It also was good radio, with a vivid scenes and good sound effects for all the action. Burrough's daughter Joan played Jane, and her husband, James Pierce played Tarzan. The famed radio actor Gale Gordon was Cecil Clayton. The second of the series, Tarzan and the Diamond of Asher, 1934, starred Carlton KaDell as Tarzan. Joan Pierce was pregnant, so Jane wasn't in this adventure. Also, Burroughs took more control than he had on the first series on this one, The Fires of Toth, begun in 1936, was the third and final serial series of the early era. Tarzan is one of our most popular adventure figures, so he was repackaged for radio, although it was many years after the early 1930s serials. In 1951, a new Tarzan show was produced, with Lamont Johnson as Tarzan. In the new format, a story was finished in a single half-hour show. Even though Tarzan had been a staple of Hollywood movies both good and mediocre throughout the years as a radio broadcast it was successful series late for old time radio.
Tarzan of the Apes Episodes 1- 55 (15 minute serial episodes)
were aired on KNX Los Angeles - Monday through Friday - at 7:45 pm each evening.
Episode 1: Monday, September 12, 1932 to Episode 55 Friday, November 25, 1932 -
Episodes 56 - 130 were aired on KFWB (ABC) Los Angeles - Monday through Friday - at 7:15 p.m. each evening. - Episode 56: Monday, November 28, 1932 to Episode 130: Friday, March 10, 1933 - Episodes 131 - 286 were aired on KFWB Los Angeles - each Monday, Wednesday and Friday - at 7:15 p.m. each evening. Episodes 131: Monday, March 13, 1933 to Episodes 286: Friday, March 09, 1934
Tarzan and the Fires of Tohr was the second serial produced by Burroughs. For whatever reason, the serial got off to a slow start (possibly because they wanted to see what the results would be for their first serial before spending money on a second one). Recording was eventually completed in late 1935. Tarzan, once again, was played by Carlton Kadell with Ralph Scott as D'Arnot. John McIntire only narrated through episode fourteen, after which director Fred Shields took over the narration duties. Gale Gordon, who had the role of Cecil Clayton in the Dahlquest programs, played one of the male leads in this serial. Barbara Luddy played the role of Queen Ahtea. Tarzan and the Fires of Tohr would have to be construed a failure. It didn't play on enough radio stations to make its production worthwhile. One of the reasons was that there was just too much time wasted between the completion of Tarzan and the Diamond of Asher and the completed recording of Tarzan and Fires of Tohr. By the time it was ready, most of the radio stations (after begging for another Tarzan serial) had filled their airtime with other shows. As a result, Tarzan and the Fires of Tohr only played on ten stations, including Hawaii, Canada and Australia. Burroughs made two aborted attempts at getting Tarzan, once again, onto radio in 1938 when an unnamed sponsor seemed to show some interest. He hired a new writer, Jerry Cady, and retained Rob Thompson. A synopsis and scripts for episodes 1 and 2 survive by Jerry Cady. Nothing seems to have survived of the second attempt except for a letter from Rob Thompson to Burroughs asking him what he thinks of titling serial No. 4, "Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle." A note was scribbled across the bottom of the letter in Ed's hand stating that he liked the title "but it will be confusing because of the same book title." Thompson would continue his association with Tarzan by scripting two sets of Tarzan records for Decca in 1941, produced by ERB, Inc. and starring well-known radio personality Elliott Lewis as Tarzan. Thompson also scripted the first three Dell Tarzan comic books in the late 1940s and scripted the Tarzan newspaper script for United Feature Syndicate until 1950.
(Source: Edgar Rice Burroughs' TARZAN ON RADIO, An Anecdotal Guide to Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan On Radio , Published by Radio Spirits, Inc., by Robert Barrett - Pages 29 & 30)

.mp3 Date   # Title Dur.
      Jerry of the Circus    
letter 1937 #1 Letter for Sam Randall 14:45  
meat   #2 Poisoned Meat Put Out 14:20  
rags   #3 Rags is Missing 14:40  
jail   #4 Jerry in Jail 14:30  
jason   #5 Jason Pays the 22$ 14:30  
rags   #6 Rags in Training 14:40  
grayson   #37 Richard Grayson sees his father    
hired   #123 Spud is Hired, Boris has new Plot 14:30  
trickfool   #124 Bud’s Tricks Fool Jerry 14:30  
badtrick   #125 Bud’s Bad Trick 14:30  
troubles   #126 Financial Troubles for Mr. Randall 14:30  
patsy   #127 Patsy Loans the Circus 20.000$ 14:30  
landsell   #128 Jerry sells his Land for 75.000$ 14:30  
schoolpick   #129 Jerry picks Fair Oaks as his School 14:20  
leaves   #130 (last) Jerry leaves the Circus 14:30  
      Jerry of Fair Oaks    
roommate 1938 #1 Roommate Assigned 14:50  
meeting   #2 Meeting Red Tubby and Harold 14:40  
demerits   #3 Learning about Demerits 14:40  
tedwill   #4 Meeting Ted and William 14:40  
toplist   #17 Top of the List 14:30  
splendor   #18 Splendor 14:40  
rides   #19 Paul rides Splendor 14:40  
leebruce   #62 Lee and Bruce Invite to Circus 14:40  
suspicion   #63 Mr. Thorpe under Suspicion 14:40  
dinner   #64 Dinner with Mr. Randall 14:40  
corporal   #65 (last) Corporal Jerry Dougan 14:25  
      Cinnamon Bear    
paddy 19371129 #1 Paddy O’Cinnamon 11:20  
weary 19371130 #2 Weary Willy 11:40  
dragon 19371201 #3 Crazy Quilt Dragon 11:50  
ikaboos 19371202 #4 The Ikaboos 11:45  
weasley 19371203 #5 Weasley the Wailing Whale 12:20  
samuel 19371204 #6 Samuel Seal 12:45  
presto 19371205 #7 Presto The Magician 12:26  
candy 19371206 #8 Candy Pirates 11:55  
rolly 19371207 #9 Rolly Polly Policeman 12:20  
whiz 19371208 #10 Professor Whiz 12:10  
feefoo 19371209 #11 Fee Foo The Gentle Giant 12:40  
indian 19371217 #19 The Wooden Indian 12:20  
flyhat 19371218 #20 Flying Hat 12:10  
dolls 19371221 #23 The Bad Dolls 12:40  
tintop 19371223 #25 Captain Tintop 12:30  
      Flash Gordon    
continent 1935   The Lost Continent of Atlantis Part 1 28:00  
gordon1… 19350427   1935 Series 15:00  
…gordon26 19351026   All 26 Episodes (Details: gordon.doc)  
      Tarzan of the Apes    
ta_01… 13920912   Episodes 1-77 11:00  
…ta_077 19321227   (Details, bc dates: tarzan.doc)    
      Tarzan: The Fires of Tohr    
tohr_01… 1936   All 39 Episodes 15:00  
…thor39     (Details: tohr.doc)    
      Tarzan: The Diamond of Ashir    
ashir_01… 19340501   All 39 Episodes 12:00  
…ashir 39 19340622   (Broadcasting date = part of filename)    
      Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle    
      The Commodore Radio Shows    
  19510104   All 62+10=72 Episodes 30:00  
  19520612   (Details, bc dates: tarzan.doc)    
dragon 19410210   Superman: Dragon’s Teeth Part 1 11:20  
vanishing 19450810   Tom Mix: Vanishing Village Part 1 14:40  
onmoon 19381129   Christmas on the moon 12:20  

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