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International Marconi Day

International Marconi DayzoomCelebrating the birthday of the inventor of the wireless telegraph and radio pioneer Gugliemo Marconi. IMD - International Marconi Day

<-- Telegraph Lines across Australia

zoomThe Overland Telegraph and the East West Telegraph - cutting the time delay for relaying messages from Europe to Perth or Adelaide in Australia from six weeks to the blink of an eye. But from north incredible efforts had to be taken to cross a vast and largely unknown territory from north to south, from east to west.

Radio from Airships

Radio from AirshipszoomThe radio station and navigation equipment aboard airships had to meet special demands: They had to be lightweight and must not, under any circumstances, create sparks. We show not only how Zeppelins were equipped but also track the glorious and tragic history of other airships .

<-- Who invented the QSL card?

zoomQSL is an abbreviation used by early telegraphists. The so-called Q-code uses/used combinations of the letters, and the fact that the Q was never followed by a U made the code immediately reognizable. QSL stands for: "can you confirm receipt?" or: "I confirm receipt" and radio amateurs adopted it for a two-way radio communication instead of transmission of a telegram. But who invented the QSL-card to confirm, in a standard written way, a QSO, a radio contact? Was it really G2UV in 1922?

QSL Collection - Dokumentationsarchiv Funk


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