Amateurfunk in Palästina und im Nahen Osten

Mai 2015: Aus dem Gaza-Strip: E41WT/E41MT

Mai 2015: Aus dem Gaza-Strip: E41WT/E41MTzoomMai Ahmed Abualkas Temraz:I am the first Palestinian female licensed amateur radio operator in Palestine-- considered as a great accomplishment in my society. From the United States, I hold the highest status of amateur radio operators. In 2014, I was one of the TechWomen Emerging Leaders in San Francisco and was honored to be featured as one of the "TechWomen Emerging Leaders Honoree Cards” highlighting women leaders working in STEM. These cards were distributed to many schools and centers. In Gaza, I am a communication engineer founder and CEO of Amateur Club Training Center - designed to engage young minds in learning science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) with modern methods. In particular, we want to see basic electronics and technology occupy a bigger part of middle school curriculum. For this, I was awarded best-entry level STEM Executive 2015 at the Women in STEM conference held in Dubai earlier this year.
Recently, I began leading the Mentorship & Women Inclusivity Program at Gaza Sky Geeks, Gaza's first startup accelerator. Also I'm a Regional Ambassador for Technovation in Gaza Strip, a Global Tech Leader representing Palestine and Gaza Strip, and a member of the ArabWIC Mentorship Committee for 2015 round. I'm the Mentorship & Women’s Inclusivity Program Coordinator at Gaza Sky Geeks (GSG), Gaza's first startup accelerator and co-working hub. Run by the global humanitarian organization Mercy Corps, GSG fills a critical need in Gaza, where young tech talent is abundant but opportunities are in short supply. GSG has created one of the most inclusive startup communities in the world: nearly 50% of the participants in its activities are women. I have designed GSG’s approach to growing women leaders and trained both female and male entrepreneurs on effective ways to engage mentors.
CEO and Founder Amateur Club Training center for kids. linkext. Link Amateur Club is a Training center specialized in the field of technology, electronics ,computer and programming, by direct training, during the accumulated experience of both the Manager and trainers of the center.
The center was established in 2013 after a deep study and long process in the field , we try to get children who say they don't like science and technology to love it .
Business Mentor Gaza Sky Geeks: Local Business Mentor with Gaza Sky Geeks for the Gaza Challenge startup bootcamp, helping entrepreneurs learn to validate their startup ideas and practice customer development.
In October, 2014 I was hosted in Everwise as a TechWomen 2014 Emerging Leader, Everwise is a company based in San Francisco, California.
During this time I worked in several projects including:
- “Protégé – Mentor Series” Seven Videos (in Arabic), posted on YouTube
- Blog series on Everwise Blog linkext. Link
- Final Presentation about my mentoring experience.
Big Sister in Intaliqi program
Mercy Corps and Gaza Sky Geeks: Intaliqi is a program launched by Mercy Corps and Gaza Sky Geeks to support entrepreneur ladies in Gaza, which was also a part of the #40forward campaign launched by Google for Entrepreneurs.
(Source: Mai Temraz/LinkedIn)

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